Mia the Cat
Artist Type: Anthro Artist

Hello~! My Name is Mia~ But I also go by Donber~

I'm a House Cat~ I Loves Sleeping, eating, and Drawing ^0^

I'm open for Art Trades~ I enjoy Giving Art to Receive Art~ *//w//*

I'll try to add more to my profile soon QwQ

Thank Yew for Stopping By~!


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04/01/2016 07:39


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02/11/2015 16:55


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Sheera posted to Mia

14/01/2016 19:56

wow GIRL O.O Your art is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!

Mia · 14/01/2016 21:33

Thank you so much~! ^0^

Sheera · 14/01/2016 22:05

it's true You're welcome!! If only I was good enough T^T *dies in corner*

Mia · 14/01/2016 23:05

xD I wouldn't say that~! Practice makes perfect~! You should see my old art up on DA~! xD

Sheera · 14/01/2016 23:15

I left DA for thiefering... and well.. I'm trying to  improve but I always see the worst in my shittarts LOL

Mia · 15/01/2016 00:58

I get like that too! I scrap so much art because I don't like how it turns out eue;;; It helps when I look at photos of people owo to help my anatomy and stuff ;w; of course seeing the improvement takes time~!

Mia posted

02/11/2015 21:57

New to furiffic~ Liking it so far~ owo ♥

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