DraconicVixen the Fox and dragon hybrid is feeling Creative and lazy
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Hey Everyone I'm DraconicVixen! Welcome to my Profile! I do Traditional Art and Writing. I may start doing some Music as Well! ♥

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Akari (Fursona)



~About me~

Hiya! Umm...well first off I like to cook, write, bake, read, draw, roleplay, and play video games in my free time. My favorite games are Pokemon Y, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates To Infinity, Animal Crossing New Leaf, Tomodachi Life, Dragon Age Origins, Dragon Age 2, Skyrim, FNAF, Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2. I play on Xbox 360, Wii, Laptop, and 3DS systems. If you would like to know my 3DS friend code or my Xbox Online Name just ask! I do like to roleplay so if you would like to roleplay with me just send me a message on Kik. My username is DraconicVixen. I do run a furry ask blog so please send us some fun questions if you can! I love making friends so feel free to talk to me, though I can be shy and distant at first so don't be offended. I play Magic The Gathering with a Red and Green Deck. My Favorite Bands are 3 Days Grace, Evanescence, Skillet, Vocaloid, and Imagine Dragons. I like Dragons, Pokemon, Supernatural, Homestuck and Jurassic World. My two favorite anime are Ouran High School Host Club and Black Butler. Feel Free to call me Akari or Aki if you like! ♥


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Song Lyric Vent

"Louder Than Thunder" By: The Devil Wears Prada What would it take for things to be quiet? Quiet like the snow. And I know this isn't much But I know I could, I could be better. I don't think I deserve it; Selflessness, find your way into my heart. All stars could be brighter. All hearts could...
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Sinis Orosis

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Dara Kane

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Dara Kane posted to DraconicVixen

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I know you :D

DraconicVixen · 19/07/2015 23:17

Yes, Yes you do. n_n

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Hello Everyone! n_n