Kaycee the Red Panda is feeling Tired
Artist Type: Digital Artist

I'm a teenage Bi-romantic Greysexual female.

My fursona is a male Red Panda names Nightlock, and I love to roleplay. I'll RP most

subjects as long as they don't exceed PG-13, so if you're interested just send me a message. :3

I usually do Traditional art, as it is what I'm best at. But I also do digital drawings quite often.

I also enjoy writing; so if you have something you would like written, just let me know! As long

as it's appropriate, we shouldn't have a problem. :3 (You can read my current stories on Wattpad,

my user on there is Chainsaw)

I like Doctor Who, Homestuck, BBC's Sherlock, and Supernatural. I also watch anime, and my favorites

are Wolf Children(Ōkami Kodomo no Ame to Yuki), Black Butler(Kuroshitsuji), and Ouran High School Host Club.

So yeah, if you want to talk or something just message me or comment or something! c: I don't bite.


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Whendigo posted to Kaycee

07/03/2014 17:07

Hi there! Thank you very much for the favorites. I really appreciate that you took the time to look over my gallery.

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10/02/2014 20:55

Thanx for the fav!

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29/01/2014 23:53

Hi Hi there. Thank you much for Subscribing. <.< such a strange statement change from using the word "watch".

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Thanks for the fave my lovely <3

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Tanx for the fav

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22/01/2014 13:52

Thanks for the subscription and favourite! It means a lot. c:

Sin posted to Kaycee

19/01/2014 02:31

Hehe, you seem pretty cool, too! Always cool to find someone with common interests~. And I'm glad you like miss Mia ^^ I'm building a bit more of a cartoony fursuit of her at the moment, actually, so she'll probably be showing up pretty often in my gallery. XD

Sin posted to Kaycee

19/01/2014 02:25

As well as the subscription x3

Sin posted to Kaycee

19/01/2014 02:25

Thanks for the favorite!

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Thanks so much for the sub my lovely <3

Kaycee posted

18/01/2014 06:41

No problem! <3 Thanks for making the great art for me to favorite. :3

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