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Hello Name William D. Massiel I live in southwest FL yes in the swampy part of it. I'm a Marine Mechanic I like to do really 3d Sculpture but sadly had not had the time to do any new stuff in the past year. Every Sunday I host Airsoft game at my house. I say I got a damn good life going. Love what I do do what I love. Also in my free time Working on taking over the world. I got the plan down. Just working on the founds. All in all on the up and up.


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Filling up

Slowly filling up the Gallery I did not know I had this much art. Good all that money, but all the lovly art for you to view.
12/09/2015 18:25

Hello world of Furiffic

I think I love this place. So easy to up load images.
10/09/2015 00:39


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Dragon Massiel posted

10/09/2015 00:16

I think I love this site.