Drayke Blaze the Dragon is feeling Devious
Artist Type: Fursuiter

Hello to everyone who vists my page,

I am Drayke, I'm a eastern and western black dragon with red underbelly, two pronged antler like horns and membrae hence the rawrstache, fluff and wings.

I often hord tech or gold but mainly tech (Like PCs and gadegets). I'm also a IT wizard (Chuckles  to self), Sorry just remebered my last meal I had. ;-P

I'm Always happy to talk to people, also I would like to talk any furry (where ever they are in the world).

Name: Drayke Blaze
Location: Norfolk, UK
Likes: Computers, PS3, Web Designing, Drawing (Rarely), Dragons (My mind "Dragons, DRAgons, DRAGONS!!") & Fursuiting.
Dislike: Bordem & No internet.



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Drayke Blaze

03/12/2016 21:34


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Andy Black

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