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A furry straight from Idaho! I'm obsessed with Geckos and Tigers thus... my Fursona is a Tiger/Gecko hybrid. I'm excited to see all your art!

Thank you Lupeyroo for the amazing Icon!


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Anime Oasis

Anime Oasis is approaching! May 26-27 2017! In Boise. Me and my friend Tloztplover10 are going together and I was wondering if anyone wanted to join us! I'm dressing as Chara from Undertale Let me know if your going!
11/05/2017 15:25


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23/05/2017 18:55

Phillip the Fox

12/04/2017 20:07


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Foxy Flapper posted to Dreamsthefox

25/05/2017 23:54

Thanks for the new faves!

Dreamsthefox · 26/05/2017 14:26 · 1 Reply

Your art is just so interesting. I love your fashion throughout the ages art pieces! I want them hanging on my wall.

Foxy Flapper · 26/05/2017 17:57

Thank you so much!

Foxy Flapper posted to Dreamsthefox

13/04/2017 15:25

Thank you for faving Belle!

Dreamsthefox · 13/04/2017 16:05 · 1 Reply

It's beautiful!

Foxy Flapper · 13/04/2017 19:53

Aww thanks!

sykaeh posted to Dreamsthefox

24/02/2017 18:56

Thank you very much for the fave!

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