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I lost. posted to David Hopkins

04/06/2018 21:26

Interesting Gallery 

David Hopkins · 05/06/2018 03:30

Thank you

Rain posted to David Hopkins

29/05/2018 08:47

Man, I'm flashing back to when I read the Jack comic for the first time. It's been a long time.

David Hopkins · 05/06/2018 03:30 · 1 Reply

Well, hopefully its not PTSD

Rain · 05/06/2018 03:35

Heh, well I was house sitting out in the middle of nowhere. I couldn't sleep because the house was infested with all sorts of spiders and black widows; and I was running on only caffeine, at the time. 

It was quite a memorable time. ^__^

David Hopkins · 05/06/2018 03:45 · 1 Reply

Yup, that sounds like PTSD, well, I'm happy to hear that you survived

Rain · 05/06/2018 03:52

Yay! *Sneezes confetti* Fwee~!

I had house sat for that creepy log cabin a few other times (I still remember the mice scurrying past my ankles as I was on the computer in the dark...), but the place eventually burned down some years ago. All that's left is to salt the earth, so nothing grows there again.

It was a pretty place though, aside from all the creepiness. I did take inspiration from it to make my own hellish cabin in one of my video game projects I'm designing.

djonskin posted to David Hopkins

27/05/2018 15:24

'Eyyyy, Drip! The Screaming Barrel actually got me back in the day to see your other stuff, so, good on ya!

David Hopkins · 05/06/2018 03:31

Well I'm happy to have you as a reader, thank you

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