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Hello! Welcome to my Furiffic Page!

A little bit about me. I live in the outskirts of town of Plain Dealing on the Northwest side of Louisiana... I Occasionally draw and much more play music, but what I love to do is gaming! Especially Minecraft... Alot... it's not even funny.

About my Characters:

Tocanis: He is a sorcerer who possesses the magical bloodline of both fey and dragons. Despite this he loves being out in nature. He tells folk tales to the children in the village he lives in. He is also a shapeshifter, but only able to switch from feral to anthropomorphic.

Ardwyn: Tocanis's mate. A cross fox druid. She introduced him to the wilderness and the beauty within it. She can use the power of nature to aid her. Also a shapeshifter like Tocanis.

Faolan (Deceased): Grey wolf, Tocanis's adopted brother from the orphanage he lived in. A ranger who is skilled in fighting with long knives. died from old age (Due to Ardwyn and Tocanis having longer lives than any other species)

Torald: An odd wolf that met Tocanis and Ardwyn many years later. He is a strong and powerful fighter that wields a bastard sword. He isn't bound by any goals except for earning a decent living as a sellsword.


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Tocanis Arrallus

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