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Kiera, She/Her

Hello, I'm Kiera and I am a hobby artist who has an affinity of traditional art. I have some odd ideas that I would like to share with the world though my art as I learn to improve and me on, and while I may not always be a regular uploader, I love seeing comments and I would love to talk!


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Marrow is the queen of the neutral spiritual alliance. She dons the skull of the demonic alliance...
12/02/2018 04:56


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Xavier Xene

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Madame Sparx posted to Du Revenant Dalahast

12/02/2018 06:10

Thank you so much for subscribing! ♥ I hope that you enjoy my content, and your time here on Furiffic! 

Du Revenant Dalahast · 12/02/2018 17:16

This community is fantastic! Thank you :3

Bran posted to Du Revenant Dalahast

12/02/2018 05:40

Well well another skellyface c: Welcome to the site! If you need any help, let me know! Love the art style btw c:

Du Revenant Dalahast · 12/02/2018 06:00 · 1 Reply

Thank you for the warm welcome! I love the site so far :) Also I love the term skellyface, i've never heard it before.

Bran · 12/02/2018 06:18

Anytime, hope to see you around :D