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 Hai! I am Duel Carnival!

Others on the Internet call me Sam but just call me what ever you want on here ♥

I am a Cirk Marble Dragon species made my myself

Wanna know about me? Make sure you slap a comment/Message anywhere ♥


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I need help with SuperSonic43

VioletAshesF posted to DuelCarnival

16/01/2017 22:07

Thanks for the fav! I Like your character!!

DuelCarnival · 21/01/2017 20:03

Thank you so much ^.^

Gryphon posted to DuelCarnival

04/01/2017 17:16

Thanks for the Fav, its greatly appreciated ^v^

DuelCarnival · 21/01/2017 20:03

No problem : 3

Fractals posted to DuelCarnival

29/11/2016 13:20

thanks for the favs and the sub :)

DuelCarnival · 21/01/2017 20:03

No problem really ^.^

Blue the foxy posted to DuelCarnival

28/11/2016 17:34

Thanks for the sub, this is definitly a new one hehe ^w^

DuelCarnival · 21/01/2017 20:04


LundiMagique posted to DuelCarnival

10/09/2016 02:05

Hi. thanks for watching.

DuelCarnival · 10/09/2016 19:34

No problem :3 

Inqu posted to DuelCarnival

29/08/2016 13:41

Much obliged for the sub

DuelCarnival · 10/09/2016 19:34

^.^ no problem at all~ 

Filxern9 posted to DuelCarnival

22/08/2016 22:11

thanks for the subscribe

DuelCarnival · 10/09/2016 19:33

No problem ^.^ 

Cheshirecat posted to DuelCarnival

19/08/2016 06:26

My sister is a huge Homestuck fan and just followed you and so did I

DuelCarnival · 19/08/2016 17:24

XD well thank you to the both of you :D 

Ty Wolvington! posted to DuelCarnival

19/08/2016 00:49

Thank you for the follow. I would guess you read my profile and would like to conversate with Ty and maybe commence an RP. That's a cool idea! Snarl at me when you get this message. We can talk! Woof!

DuelCarnival · 19/08/2016 17:26

 Of course I would not mind roleplaying with you I am just abit slow >-< at replying that is

Ty Wolvington! · 19/08/2016 18:25

Howl! Got YOU'RE message. Don't feel bad! Sometimes I take a while to answer, too! LOL!  I will snarl back at you later. Still at work.

DuelCarnival · 19/08/2016 21:10

Okie dokie :D 

Bran posted to DuelCarnival

18/08/2016 23:48

Duel.. Clearly youre a person who enjoys a good roleplay. Why havent ya joined our roleplay group~? We'd love to have you c: Just look on my pages and find the Welcome All Roleplayers group~

DuelCarnival · 19/08/2016 17:25

XD I will do then  

cjn213 posted to DuelCarnival

16/08/2016 21:05

Thanks for the watch I might as well watch you back then

DuelCarnival · 19/08/2016 17:25

Thank you ^.^ 

Elmont posted to DuelCarnival

15/08/2016 08:10

hey hey hey! thanks a lot for the watch! nwn

DuelCarnival · 19/08/2016 17:25

No problem :D 

AthenatheWitch posted to DuelCarnival

09/08/2016 20:40

thank you so so much for the watch! It's extremely appreciated!! ♥

DuelCarnival · 13/08/2016 22:20

No problem ♥ 

Ghostie posted to DuelCarnival

12/07/2016 14:00

Thanks so much for the fav ♥ 

DuelCarnival · 13/08/2016 22:22

no problem :3 ♥ I love your art and characters by the way ^.^ (and your profile pic Q-Q)

Ghostie · 15/08/2016 11:02

Thanks so much ♥  

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