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Fantastic commission done by the super awesome Kuroseishin http://www.furaffinity.net/user/kuroseishin

Just a detailed picture of Duo being himself. He is so adorable, his face is so lovable and kissable. You can see his tenderness here, and his scales are rather skin like, makes you want to reach up and rub his cheek. Though my favorite part is his eyes, they are ever so lovely and easy to get lost in.

The setting is in an icy area, one where the aurora borealis dances in the sky above to provide a lovely show for all onlookers.

All credit to the artist for a fantastic superb job

I hope you enjoy.

Duo Theus copyright of me

Artwork created by http://www.furaffinity.net/user/kuroseishin

Uluri · 26/07/2015 00:38

Kuroseishin does some Really great work. They did Fantastic on this piece. Your Character is Really Cute.

Duo Theus · 26/07/2015 00:40

I met them in person a year ago at the local con. I wanted to go again this year to give them a magnet with this image on it as a bonus thank you. They do great work and would love more from them in the future. And glad you think he is cute, welcome to see the profile and other pics for more information.



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