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A sweet and most awesome Valentines Day gift from ShadyCreepyKid http://www.furaffinity.net/user/shadycreepykid

I just love cute loving stuff, and here is a very sweet cute image of Duo and his Husband Fake, or wife if it is Octorber. In the image it is sweet to see that the tender love and affection is still binding as Duo, in his Chibi body, spends the day with the one that can make him smile in the darkest of times.

Seeing the original posted on their profile made me smile, sweet words with the kindness of a friend. The Zecon species may shun out of species relationships, but Duo is a god, if he wants he could turn anyone whom objects into a flying butt, then slap it for a bit before turning them back once they learned their lesson. Sounds mean, but Duo would turn them back. But Fake is very special to Duo, hence why they got married, and to see a Valentines gift of the two is just too much Dawwww for me

"Oh such wonderful things they are, these flowers. They bud in the light of day, adsorbing the warm sun rays and they share the glory of their joy for all to see. Flowers are beautiful; they are sweet and elegant. In the darkness or storm, they wither and hide, waiting again for those warm rays of joy from the sun. Love is kinda like that.

My beloved Fake is my star, where I am a budding flower, so small and frail. I curl up in the darkest of times, and I cry and wither, but when I hear the calls and voice of my beloved husband, they are as the warmth rays of the sun. His love brings the withered dying weed to bud out into a blossoming rose bud.

His love gives me life. His love keeps me alive. And when I blossom and I am full of the warm rays of his love, then all around could see the wonders and delight that his love brings me, and I blossom for him, so he could understand, that it is his love that makes me so beautiful for him, so elegant, so alive. All because of the love for my husband Fake, which shines upon me at the darkest of times.

I love you Fake, you are my star, my life, my infinite love." ~Duo Theus

Special thanks to shadycreepykid  http://www.furaffinity.net/user/shadycreepykid for doing the picture gift

Zecon species and Fake are owned and created by shadycreepykid  shadycreepykid

Duo Theus and chibi Duo created by and owned by me Duo Theus/Theas

Since they shared a song they like, I thought I would share one too that is similar for valentines in a weird cute way

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