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Made a very special Christmas rose drawing for someone very important and special to me. It came out kinda nice, so took a picture since the rose is no longer with me and I lack a scanner.

A purple rose, to be awarded to the highest of honors to the most special of peoples. Reserved for the most loving and rare of individuals, should be a cherished reminder at how wonderful the soul whom was awarded the rose is. So rare is kindness, so rare is accepting and loving nature, and so rare are those whom truly understand another so well. Not just aspects or reading of emotions, but truly understanding and caring. A purple rose with golden lining, a special reminder to someone special. They are rare like a purple rose; a treasure of all of creation and nature. The golden lining a shy nod to the pureness of their wonderful soul.

Sharing with everyone here, hope you like it, it does mean a lot, despite it being a sketch. Just made it for someone special and close

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