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Artist Type: PrOn Artist

Meet Ace Bright, a man of inestable emotions but highly charismatic that keeps a deep love with Alder. His species comes from the genetical combination of dragon, man and fishes (koi karp for him). Loves the creation of manga and video games. Among his many kinks are the torture, Alderdeen's paws and get his own flesh devoured. In some way he has not been always the same species but haven't been revelaed how.


He met Alderdeen in the cyberspace, while he was promoting his artistic services and started to talk with a costumer that at first I thought was a guy wh I was talking before, so he was very friendly and joking around, but when noticed he was Alderdeen and not the other just continued to be himself. Working on commissions while talking with Alderdeen he liked him so much for how nice, caring and cheered this doggy was. So tender that Ace loved being like that with him. Specially when sex was about, Ace noticed that Alder genuinely  cared about how he was feeling and if was enjoying it all, just like he did. They became great friends.

In the begining Alder used to have night terrors all the time, nightmares about being alone or attacked and mutilated. Sometimes Ace had some nightmares or terrible thoughts attacking him by night. Both offered each other to call whenever needed, at first Ace was afraid about leaving phone on while sleeping because of all that was said about radiation and so, and used to turn it off at certain time, trusting his intuition habilities would wake him up if Alder messaged. Thing that actually happened most of the time for surprise of Ace himself.  Within the months Alder never had those nightmares and terrors thanks to how happy Ace was making him. 

During all that time, Ace was feeling ultra depressed and unmotivated about how bad the career at university was (Animation & realization of 3D graphics), he thought it was the career of his life but realized how empty and unwilling was the rest of people and how little chance he had to actually being able to work in a movie production because of his illness (dysthymia). Tried as well to study in art academies just to find out how terrible public education was and how little the teachers cared for the students. The academy started from the very basics and he couldn't stand doing again all the boring basics of drawing. So he started to work again by himself trying to study and all, unfortunately after all the stress and sadness his art became sadistic, violent and perverted he couldn't work on it while his parents around. Hecouldn't even work on anything larger than a letter size sheet because his mother used to hide or destroy his work saying  that it only was making the house to look messy. After 10 years (they met on 2015 but the art problem started back in 2007) he just lost any will in life, but Alder got him motivated and happy again, specially because Alder liked his art, and even when at first he was not at all into BDSM or any sort of guro; Alder did an effort to help pleasing Ace in the bed and ended up enjoying doing all that to Ace.

Ace started to work so hard in final pieces of art, but only the digital ones survived. Currently, after two years of being boyfriends they will marry each other in Guatemala, because Ace couldn't visit him because his visa was denied, he was going to visit him and ask for Fiance visa, then Alder was going to visit him but Ace's dad was doing a lot of trouble about it, so in the end, to wait no longer, they will marry. Thankfully now Ace's family supports him just because they saw all the suffering he went through and only now that he told them and was happy like they never saw him in 10 years they decided to support him hoping this was the cure Ace needed.

Favourite Color


Art creation (mostly drawings) & exotic-restaurant owner.

Extra Details

Comes across with people all the time but tries them not to notice. Prefers to be submissive, Caring and follow but wishes someone be like this with him. Always researching about ecology & science in general.  Is a sweetheart if you are with him.

Medication: Antidepressants, anticonceptives.

Allergy: Fast  Change of temperatures, laughing too much, pollen.

Traumas:  School, formal jobs, university, meeting new people too much.

Addictions: Sugar, internet, gore art.

Alcohol/smoking: Both.

Triggers: Ignorance about science, sexism, prejudices.

Sexual information

Virgin? Sometimes~

Is mostly submissive, thinks he can create a stronger bond if let's others be dom first when meet the first time. Hermaphrodite, pansexual, prefers non-human males but loves even more male intersexual. Loves when hismate is caring, loving & sweet but wants him to tease, be noisy , swear ( playful) too.


1.75 Meters · 5 Feet, 8.89 Inches


81Kg · 12 Stone, 10.57 Pound

Eye Colors

Body Type


Extra Attributes

He can transform in a variety of forms, anthro, chibi, feral, horse, dragon, zilla, but only in the cyberworld. In real life can only be feral, anthro or chibi.

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  • 48


  • Created: 09/12/2016 05:40
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Open to role-playing

Rp preferences

gore and torture, tenderness.