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I looove yaoi, cuntboys and ero-guro. I am working on a Yiff manga that will be selling very soon. Title: Role Play with the Monster.

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Sorry for the innactivity

Usually I am more active on Furaffinity: i-si-u or at Patreon, the last month I married Alderdeen and we are on the processing of my Green Card to live with the love of life ♥ I beg to God there won't be any delay, we hired RapidVisa to help since they get a 99% of approval, as they say. Please t...
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Commission info

Commission Info: Hope you feel interested my personal favorites are the cellshadded one, I can make them look like anime screenshots if you please. Also if you would like to take a look to the manga I am working on please visit my youtube channel and Patreon:
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Darikson Saravia

Role-playing Yes
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Role-playing Yes
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