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Hello, everyone. I decided to give this website a second chance. I don't remember if I left Furiffic because I found some shit that could not be reported and deleted or what. Hopefully the site is cleaner now that other trash websites.

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I don't remember if I left this website because of some shit I found here that was unable to be reported or what. I am hoping this place is cleaner than other shitty websites, I won't waste my time trying to upload everything here because anyways it did not work last time. YCH, Your character on...
08/03/2020 03:42
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Probably leaving

Is pretty disgusting when you notice that this website now allows to link your profile to a cub website where I am sure now all the pedophiles are going. I can't stand this shit in furry websites.
11/12/2018 15:06


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Ace Bright Eyes (zombie)

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10/11/2017 02:40


Male · Vampire · Gay ·
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One of the strongest vampires from the recent war of the year 2080's . His base power is the tele...
10/11/2017 02:36


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No problem ^^