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"Travis, Ah Puch, sujuj jun almo' k´as nud'aq ri che' Kailash, achi' xii'n xibalbá. Tijtajmal, tz'ubax ru chi'.
y qe' tzet toj q'aj quii'j che' ca'i."
I asked a friend for translate a text to tzutujil. Then I put it on mayan glyphs just as the documents regarding mayan writin describes, some syllables from our alphabet did not exist in the mayan language, like "Tra" or "lash" and used the glyphs that resembled better the sound but in the paragraph up here I put the names of the vampires in the alphabet we know. in the codex they would sound like "tu-lah-bies" and I do not remember what I did with Kailash' name, I did this piece some years ago.
I dyed the sheet with watercolours and painted with wood crayons.
Kailash Glory (right) and Travis (left) depicted as Xibalba's lord and death god Ah Puch. I'll do the work on a 22x20cm sheet like if it were 2 mayan codex' ones. 
Xibalba lord: k1209
page 43
Ah puch:

Just to make u notice, the "mistakes" like the skulls of different sizes or rigid poses are on purpose, because watching mayan codexes they used to make them that way.


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