Iria Reyes the Kaithian is feeling Playful
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Hey there everyone! Welcome to My page.

I go by a few names, but Iria and Ecolyne are the most common.

I'm a Writer of Sci-fi, romance, action and adventure.

I do commissions for short stories, which can be accessed on my Furaffinity, which is linked in my contact info.

Commissions: Closed | trades: Closed | Requests: Friends only


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Done setting up for the most part

Alright, everything's fine for now until i learn of what else i can add to my profile. I'm so glad that this site has things that FA should have done. things like folders, and icons larger than 100x100.
19/07/2015 06:31
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First Impressions

Well, so far this new site is pretty good. It's much more organized than furaffinity, but some of the functions still need to be optimized IMO. I think i'll use it from now on though, alongside FA. It's a nice website
19/07/2015 05:19


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Iria Reyes posted

19/07/2015 05:06

Alright, time to see what this place is about. Seen it around lately, so i thought i'd check it out.

firekitty · 19/07/2015 07:19 · 3 Replies

Hahah, same here! Also hi! I'm gonna be doodling Iria for you soon~

Iria Reyes · 19/07/2015 07:22

Oh Hey there! It's nice to see you here too. So, how'd you find me here? i've been setting up this whole time before i said anything xD

firekitty · 19/07/2015 07:29

Just saw your char on the new submissions and recognized her =3

Iria Reyes · 19/07/2015 07:33

Okay, cool. I guess it's still pretty quiet around here, so it's not surprising it wasn't drowned out