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Artist Type: Digital Artist

Hiya! Im Elmont (elmont or Osmel XI in DA)

Im a traditional+digital+pron artist! I do furry and moar!

I like tomatos,but no,you can't bite me,or vore me! i don't like that >____<

Im from S-P-A-I-N,and i speak spanish,and some english nWn

Oh,and i love private messages and comments,i like chat! >w< feel free to note me!

I do commisions!

Sometimes i do request if ilike your idea!

I don't usually accept art trades,but you can ask me anyway if you're interested

Are you interested in my comms and prices? Ask me! my comms are so cheap! nwn


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*duck noises*

Le quack ok no, how goes? XD mato s kinda busy and bored lately (hell, my life is just beign stressed and busy) and is thinking bout try some new stufffff, so what if we do some fanart? I did a googleformshit for it, so feel free to come and suggest! nwn)/ https://forms.gle/56gpXVpNdhqp78vD9 {ht...
4 months ago

Ask my characters!

Weeeeelll...the title is pretty descriptive If you're not an oldie here, I had a ask blog in tumblr...due tumblr stupid new policies...well, it was closed BUUUT thanks god there is a twitter platform here to do it! so feel free you all to take a look ! https://curiouscat.me/AskTheNsfwTomato {htt...
4 months ago


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wolfymewmew posted to Elmont

2 months ago

Lil fat mato! QwQ

Jess posted to Elmont

8 months ago

Thank you very much for the fave^^

Elmont · 8 months ago

You're wellcome :D

Rana posted to Elmont

19/05/2018 21:13

That Icon is adorable.

Elmont · 19/05/2018 23:50

Thanks! It was a gif,originally it was a sad mato,but I edited it to make it more...evil ewe

LittleLionHeartz posted to Elmont

27/04/2017 17:59

Thanks for the love.

Don't forget to subscribe!

And love your stuff already

Elmont · 28/04/2017 00:22

No problem,thanks for the follow-watch nwn

HowSplendid posted to Elmont

03/12/2016 22:57

thank you for the fav!

Nietekov posted to Elmont

10/11/2016 20:11

thank you for the fav, I really appreciate it!

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22/05/2016 13:12

Many thanks for that fave ♥ 

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22/04/2016 21:11

Thank you kindly for the fave.

Elmont · 22/04/2016 23:14

asdasad and thanks you so much for suscribe me! nwn)/

TheOkami7 posted to Elmont

28/03/2016 15:11

Thank you for the fave ^^

Elmont · 28/03/2016 17:12

You're wellcome~

TheOkami7 · 28/03/2016 17:21


Kachayin posted to Elmont

19/03/2016 20:57

Hey, thanks for subscribing! :D

Fiver posted to Elmont

06/03/2016 22:22

Thanks for the fav. cutie ♥

Elmont · 06/03/2016 23:53

asdasdasdads♥ thank you too for the watch nwn

Fiver · 07/03/2016 00:33

No problem ^^

Nyrreah posted to Elmont

05/03/2016 14:06

Gracias por los favoritos.

Elmont · 05/03/2016 17:22 · 1 Reply

¿PEro tu hablas español? QAQ

Nyrreah · 05/03/2016 19:26

Si, para usar los internetes tienes que saber idiomas, español, inglés, binario, html...klingon, dothraki...

Elmont · 05/03/2016 19:27 · 1 Reply


Nyrreah · 05/03/2016 19:27

¿Y esos puntos suspensivos?

Elmont · 05/03/2016 19:27

Empiezo a entender porque me va tan mal QAQ

Nyrreah · 05/03/2016 19:28

Jajaja, no te preocupes.

Lauren posted to Elmont

24/12/2015 03:55

Thank you very much for the fave!

Sheera · 09/01/2016 15:09

Thanks for the fav!

WastelandOni posted to Elmont

14/12/2015 15:36

Thanks for the fave! [emot=4][emot=22]

Elmont · 14/12/2015 22:19

o problem nwn

Cartel the Creature posted to Elmont

30/10/2015 19:37

Thank you so much for the favorite :D

fyirri posted to Elmont

19/10/2015 15:26

Thanks for the faves ♥

Godzilla713 · 24/12/2015 02:01

Thanks for the watch

Godzilla713 · 24/12/2015 02:01

I meant the favorite

ToshidoGamekaze posted to Elmont

02/10/2015 08:13

Thank You for the favorite.[emot=48]

Elmont · 02/10/2015 17:43

you're  wellcome nwn

Libby Airspinner posted to Elmont

25/09/2015 20:24

thnx 4 fave

Elmont · 25/09/2015 23:24

 problem little libby

Libby Airspinner · 25/09/2015 23:40


Zahrah posted to Elmont

18/09/2015 23:30

Thanks for subing! ^.^

Elmont · 19/09/2015 01:44

nwn no problem!

Zorayda posted to Elmont

18/09/2015 21:13

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Elmont · 18/09/2015 23:14

nooooo problem!! >W<

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18/09/2015 20:50

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Elmont · 18/09/2015 23:08

no problem! you're wellcome! nwn

Fae posted to Elmont

18/09/2015 13:31

Hey thanks for faving! glad you like my work :)

Elmont · 18/09/2015 20:12

ADASDASDASD *Q*  you're wellcome!!

Libby Airspinner posted to Elmont

17/09/2015 15:01

thanks for fave, mato

Elmont · 17/09/2015 17:04 · 1 Reply

no problem! -W-

Libby Airspinner · 17/09/2015 17:07

hope you enjoy your stay here in furiffic land

Elmont · 17/09/2015 17:08

well,this page looks a little bit strange..but looks good -w-

Libby Airspinner · 17/09/2015 17:09

you know  you can chang the theme in top right for a different color say......red for the mato?

Libby Airspinner posted to Elmont

16/09/2015 22:44

i sense a Mato[emot=74]

Elmont · 17/09/2015 00:46

QAQ!! you found me!  you're so fast!

Libby Airspinner · 17/09/2015 00:55


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