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Hiya! Im Elmont (elmont or Osmel XI in DA)

Im a traditional+digital+pron artist! I do furry and moar!

I like tomatos,but no,you can't bite me,or vore me! i don't like that >____<

Im from S-P-A-I-N,and i speak spanish,and some english nWn

Oh,and i love private messages and comments,i like chat! >w< feel free to note me!

I do commisions!

Sometimes i do request if ilike your idea!

I don't usually accept art trades,but you can ask me anyway if you're interested

Are you interested in my comms and prices? Ask me! my comms are so cheap! nwn


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Free commisions!

Want a free commision? In digital? Boy-Girl,this is your journal thing! Feel free to left down here a comment with what you want! Not needed to be a watcher,and can be NFW too! :D If you wanna see if I did your art,i will post it here in drive links,so check for your link here in...like 8 hours h...
3 months ago

What should I draw?

Well,this is the end,mah only fri-wait no D: Nah,I just missed write some journals and listen and talk with my watchers What would you like see from me? In art stuff,I mean,I know that nobody wants nudes from me (It's like stare a stick with ass and hair) Im pretty open to ideas -w-)/
3 months ago


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Rana posted to Elmont

1 month ago

That Icon is adorable.

Elmont · 1 month ago

Thanks! It was a gif,originally it was a sad mato,but I edited it to make it more...evil ewe

LittleLionHeartz posted to Elmont

27/04/2017 17:59

Thanks for the love.

Don't forget to subscribe!

And love your stuff already

Elmont · 28/04/2017 00:22

No problem,thanks for the follow-watch nwn

HowSplendid posted to Elmont

03/12/2016 22:57

thank you for the fav!

Nietekov posted to Elmont

10/11/2016 20:11

thank you for the fav, I really appreciate it!

Ren posted to Elmont

22/05/2016 13:12

Many thanks for that fave ♥ 

NightShade posted to Elmont

22/04/2016 21:11

Thank you kindly for the fave.

Elmont · 22/04/2016 23:14

asdasad and thanks you so much for suscribe me! nwn)/

TheOkami7 posted to Elmont

28/03/2016 15:11

Thank you for the fave ^^

Elmont · 28/03/2016 17:12

You're wellcome~

TheOkami7 · 28/03/2016 17:21


Kachayin posted to Elmont

19/03/2016 20:57

Hey, thanks for subscribing! :D

Fiver posted to Elmont

06/03/2016 22:22

Thanks for the fav. cutie ♥

Elmont · 06/03/2016 23:53

asdasdasdads♥ thank you too for the watch nwn

Fiver · 07/03/2016 00:33

No problem ^^

Nyrreah posted to Elmont

05/03/2016 14:06

Gracias por los favoritos.

Elmont · 05/03/2016 17:22 · 1 Reply

¿PEro tu hablas español? QAQ

Nyrreah · 05/03/2016 19:26

Si, para usar los internetes tienes que saber idiomas, español, inglés, binario, html...klingon, dothraki...

Elmont · 05/03/2016 19:27 · 1 Reply


Nyrreah · 05/03/2016 19:27

¿Y esos puntos suspensivos?

Elmont · 05/03/2016 19:27

Empiezo a entender porque me va tan mal QAQ

Nyrreah · 05/03/2016 19:28

Jajaja, no te preocupes.

Lauren posted to Elmont

24/12/2015 03:55

Thank you very much for the fave!

Sheera · 09/01/2016 15:09

Thanks for the fav!

Flux Ravenhart (Bioflux) posted to Elmont

14/12/2015 15:36

Thanks for the fave! [emot=4][emot=22]

Elmont · 14/12/2015 22:19

o problem nwn

Cartel the Creature posted to Elmont

30/10/2015 19:37

Thank you so much for the favorite :D

fyirri posted to Elmont

19/10/2015 15:26

Thanks for the faves ♥

Godzilla713 · 24/12/2015 02:01

Thanks for the watch

Godzilla713 · 24/12/2015 02:01

I meant the favorite

ToshidoGamekaze posted to Elmont

02/10/2015 08:13

Thank You for the favorite.[emot=48]

Elmont · 02/10/2015 17:43

you're  wellcome nwn

Libby Airspinner posted to Elmont

25/09/2015 20:24

thnx 4 fave

Elmont · 25/09/2015 23:24

 problem little libby

Libby Airspinner · 25/09/2015 23:40


Zahrah posted to Elmont

18/09/2015 23:30

Thanks for subing! ^.^

Elmont · 19/09/2015 01:44

nwn no problem!

Zorayda posted to Elmont

18/09/2015 21:13

Thanks for the subscription!

Elmont · 18/09/2015 23:14

nooooo problem!! >W<

Kay posted to Elmont

18/09/2015 20:50

Thank you for faving and subscribing ♥

Elmont · 18/09/2015 23:08

no problem! you're wellcome! nwn

Fae posted to Elmont

18/09/2015 13:31

Hey thanks for faving! glad you like my work :)

Elmont · 18/09/2015 20:12

ADASDASDASD *Q*  you're wellcome!!

Libby Airspinner posted to Elmont

17/09/2015 15:01

thanks for fave, mato

Elmont · 17/09/2015 17:04 · 1 Reply

no problem! -W-

Libby Airspinner · 17/09/2015 17:07

hope you enjoy your stay here in furiffic land

Elmont · 17/09/2015 17:08

well,this page looks a little bit strange..but looks good -w-

Libby Airspinner · 17/09/2015 17:09

you know  you can chang the theme in top right for a different color say......red for the mato?

Libby Airspinner posted to Elmont

16/09/2015 22:44

i sense a Mato[emot=74]

Elmont · 17/09/2015 00:46

QAQ!! you found me!  you're so fast!

Libby Airspinner · 17/09/2015 00:55


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