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Yo yo Yo!

I forgot what I was gonna say :'D Oh yeh, I am thinking about jump from Picarto to Piczel finally, like permannent The chat is better, I can multistream and even save the streams! feels more like twitch Also tlaking about that, I am "technically" open for multistreams :'D and talking about that, ...
6 months ago

Матрёшка -Kinda a meme?-

OH BOY, [b][u][i]ITS THIS TIME OF THE YEAR AGAIN?[/i][/u][/b] Can you smell it? Mato grabs his own materials and does a Matryoshka Fanart! :D[lb] For the ones that doesn't know, I do a fanart of Matryoshka almost every year (some years I passed or did it of other song), but the point is see how much I have improved and I lobve it! Ususally those pics becomes my wallpaper for some time uwu[lb] [lb] So, what's gonna be this year?[lb] We could [url=https://www
24/08/2020 22:20

no stream today

[align=center]Due problems about my tablet and his memory,[lb] there is no stream today because I'm working on recover my files[lb] If I owe you a comm and want know if I will have a delay, send me a message[/align][lb] ---------- [lb] [align=center] [/align] [url=http://www
13/06/2020 20:27

Looking for discord servers!

hey guys, I am looking for some new discord servers to join, specially if you can share art on those servers! (and bother people beign a tiny red tomato)[lb] Does someone knows about a cool one? feel free to leave me a comment or a pm if you want! nwn [url=http://www
22/04/2020 20:43

Art trade status

Art trades closed
26/03/2020 20:15
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Looking to do an art trade

[s]I know I will totally regret about this but im gonna ask anyway,[/s][lb] is anyone up to an art trade? could be a good time to kill time on those days :D[lb] Feel free to send me a pm or whatever [url=http://www
24/03/2020 19:57

About Friday stream! -Read if you want watch it!-

[align=center]Due to spanish celebrations related to carnival, [i]friday's stream[/i] has been cancelled an instead stream on friday, [i]stream will be tomorrow[/i][lb] Stay tuned![/align][lb] ---------- [lb] [left]also yes :D[lb] (?)[/left] [url=http://www
26/02/2020 23:46


birthday birthday! QWQ[lb] I'm getting older! [url=http://www
11/02/2020 19:30

Stream raffle tomorrow! Check to entry!

Okay, so tomorrow I will do an special stream, kinda cool, rigth? And I will need a test subject, so why ot raffle it? It's kinda easy to enter! you just need to reply this journal with a image refference! (not a refference sheet, just a pic that can be used as a visual refference) Rules: - As I ...
30/01/2020 23:58

Christmas commisions open!

Yeh that's rigth! im proud of announce that oficially my christmas commisions is open what does it means? all christmas themed commisions haves a 10% discount! (ALL THE COMMISIONS! lineless included! ) Feel free to send me a message if you're interested! -w-
02/12/2019 14:44

*duck noises*

Le quack ok no, how goes? XD mato s kinda busy and bored lately (hell, my life is just beign stressed and busy) and is thinking bout try some new stufffff, so what if we do some fanart? I did a googleformshit for it, so feel free to come and suggest! nwn)/ https://forms.gle/56gpXVpNdhqp78vD9 {ht...
23/05/2019 11:55

Ask my characters!

Weeeeelll...the title is pretty descriptive If you're not an oldie here, I had a ask blog in tumblr...due tumblr stupid new policies...well, it was closed BUUUT thanks god there is a twitter platform here to do it! so feel free you all to take a look ! https://curiouscat.me/AskTheNsfwTomato {htt...
09/05/2019 22:43

Twitter raffle -Ends soon!-

WELL, to promote my nsfw twitter account (where I upload doodles and unfinished lewds) I decided do a little raffle! There is 3 winners and they got....LEWD ART! :D Check it here, it will end in some hours! https://twitter.com/NsfwTomato/status/1124805991520964608?s=19 {https://twitter.com/NsfwTo...
05/05/2019 16:23

what sould I do this year?

NOT A REQUEST JOURNAL well,new year,new stuff! I have some ideas for art for this year...but I would like to listen what you all would like to see from me! -w- I have in mind try to do some sonic-girls stuff (because we all love rouge tits :D ), more Whoopie arts and i wanna do ore mato and Garoé...
14/01/2019 21:38

Commision prices will change

Due the fact I need the muns (because fuck I need it) I decide I will change my pricelist on january 1st.It {http://1st.It} wont be a so much bigger change (You know,im not somebody used to ask for so much) but it will be done because its needed Also this mean that I will add as soon as possible ...
27/12/2018 23:39

raffle-contest thing!

Okay,here is the deal: Im working on laptop stickers.Last one had some traditional made ones of Whoopie,Lea,and stuff (have here a photo! https://drive.google.com/open?id=1sKQCkuoujfcvUvr9a8iMn9iXTMfLTEr5 {https://drive.google.com/open?id=1sKQCkuoujfcvUvr9a8iMn9iXTMfLTEr5} ) and I want make it ag...
26/11/2018 01:05

Looking for a digivice!

Okay,I know this is REALLY random,but im looking for a digivice (digimon 1 toy).Don't ask why,but do you know somebody that haves one and would want to sell it? or any good store that doesnt want your soul in exchange...
06/10/2018 22:46
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Should I do fanart?

And who should be the target?
03/08/2018 00:56
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Free commisions!

Want a free commision? In digital? Boy-Girl,this is your journal thing! Feel free to left down here a comment with what you want! Not needed to be a watcher,and can be NFW too! :D If you wanna see if I did your art,i will post it here in drive links,so check for your link here in...like 8 hours h...
01/04/2018 11:41

What should I draw?

Well,this is the end,mah only fri-wait no D: Nah,I just missed write some journals and listen and talk with my watchers What would you like see from me? In art stuff,I mean,I know that nobody wants nudes from me (It's like stare a stick with ass and hair) Im pretty open to ideas -w-)/
27/03/2018 21:37
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Let's get ign'ant, let's get hectic ! ♥
11/02/2018 00:21

CURIOUS CAT ACCOUNT! -you can do silly questions-

Yeeeh,I opened it.This network it's like tumblr....but only for questions XD you can ask me whatever you want! and of course you can do it anonymously! take a look and drop some nosense stuff for your mato! https://curiouscat.me/Elmont {https://curiouscat.me/Elmont}
13/01/2018 15:29

little request! -super fast request open!-

Want a little request? WELL,THIS IS YOUR JOURNAL! be fast and send me a private message with your idea! If I like,it gets a doodle! (no watersports allowed)
03/01/2018 23:31

fast request thing!

I am doing an experiment and I need test subjects! so,why not open some traditional request? I didnt do this in a while,and I think is a good time to do something for watchers as a "pre-christmas-thing" uwu Send me a little note with your idea! uwu
19/12/2017 22:07
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Looking for an art trade!

YEP.Art trades I am in mood to do some art and get some in exchange Allowed to watchers and non-watchers,but that DOESNT mean I will accept all!
22/11/2017 20:24

commisions opens

This is like a...reminder,but do you know that I do commisions? (yes,surprise,sometimes people pay me for stuff! :D) And the point is that I want announce I will start to do "Lineless" art.What is this you say? well,stuff like this ( http://www.furaffinity.net/view/25033500/ {http://www.furaffini...
06/11/2017 18:28
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Hello world!

Hello little fellas! how're you? uwu Did something interesting happened to you? send me a message and tell me!
13/10/2017 23:31

Sarahah account! -that's a cool thing! read it!-

Hey hey pals! I opened a Sarahah account! What is that? Is not an art page,it's an interesting thing! It's a webpage where you can leave me a message...but anonimously! :D That is good and bad! you can tell me here what do you think about me and you can't say...It's cool I think https://elmont94....
27/08/2017 19:46
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Somebody open for an Art trade?

Im looking for an art trade,Im not sure why,but I would like get some sexy art of my characters Somebody up? (of course,I wont accept art trades for everyone)
21/08/2017 23:02

2DS friend code and games!

WELL WELL WELL,I had a "problem" with my 2DS (SD card got corrupted,hacked system died and I reset it and updated ) and now I don't have games....well,games is not important,you know,the important thing is that I lost my lovely savedata and all the friends I had SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO...
10/08/2017 11:42

news in my life -Stupid journal updated-

Well,I think it's good idea talk about how my life will be since next month,and I think it's nice that my friends and follower know about that Well,Rigthnow I am unemployed,I don't study and all my money comes from drawings and dad helps But this can't be forever buddies,I need be a man and get a...
06/08/2017 22:18
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What sould I draw next?

I think title it's self-explanatory
03/07/2017 15:01
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Let's do an experiment! -Let's comment-

Okay,I had an idea.A little bit strange idea,but i think it can be interesting This is the point: Do you wanted always say something to me but you never found the oportunity? You know,something that maybe you want to say but you never found the spot or the moment Well,this is the place and the mo...
26/06/2017 17:14
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Tomorrow is a GREAT DAY

Well,tomorrow is a awesome day. What happens tomorrow? Oh,today ,4 years ago,I arrived to Extremadura! (the place where I actual reside!) Why is this important? It's just the day you oved! Well,It's an important day because it haves a big story.I was in a bad situation,a reaaaaaally bad situation...
21/06/2017 20:42


AAAAND HERE WE GO! This is the coolest contest where you can win a traditional cool drawing and the speedpaint of it! -What can I win?->A free traditional drawing the speedpaint.It {http://speedpaint.It} will be played in my next V-log video,and you will got a video-version without comments OOO...
01/06/2017 21:44

Traditional stream!

House MD and traditional pokemons! :D https://picarto.tv/OsmelXI {https://picarto.tv/OsmelXI}
14/05/2017 22:21
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I wanna do pokemons! I wanna do SEXY pokemons so suggest a pokemon,a gender,and if you want,a pose,and let's see what I can do!
14/05/2017 20:40
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Let's draaaaw!

share a reff,and lets draw! (yes,technically is a -temporally open request journal) It have a limited slot,that's important
22/02/2017 22:44
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New year's resolution

Yeah,I think it's a good time to talk abpput this,don't you think so? Well,To be honest,I have some resolutions for this year! I wiould love continue Icaru's project and Dark Souls one! Im sure they will look awesome! QwQ But I will need a lot of time... I will love find a cool job...or a job,I w...
04/01/2017 02:17

New Tumblr and MOAR

YEEEEEP! This year I will work more in my Tumblr,so i do another tumblr page,this oneis for +18 sketches that usually i don't upload here for...well,a ton of reasons =W= Here is the cool tumblr! -> https://keptchuporntastic.tumblr.com/ {https://keptchuporntastic.tumblr.com/} And here is the "ask ...
28/12/2016 15:20
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How's going little ones? Any new or something to tell?
22/11/2016 21:55

I did a furry Amino account!

Hey little followers! I did a Furry Amino account! nwn)/ IF somebody wants add to me,feel free to do it,search me as Elmont! >W< I will use it to chat and upload traditional sfw artwork (because nsfw is not allowed TwT) and some digital stuff too! C'mon! don't be shy! nwn
29/10/2016 12:31

Ask my characters!

Well,why not? It will be a nice warmup and funny to do! You can do ONE question,sooo think about it You can ask all my characters: male,female,tomato~ Are you triying to choose a character? check those links! contains some of my characters! Male-> http://sta.sh/2zdp7i90yra?edit=1 {http://sta.sh/2...
05/10/2016 00:05


Well,first of all: comms are closed for a week,we're on fair,and that means no new stuff.If you're interested in WHY I CLOSE COMMS FR A FAIR,man,you don't know aboyt Zafra's Fair -w- Second,aind more important: I had been thinking about my commisions,and well,here is the problem,i ask a shit for ...
30/09/2016 16:44


https://join.me/452-577-065 {https://join.me/452-577-065}
30/08/2016 16:55

Tonigth: PWYW stream commisions!

YAY! tonigth,Pay What you Want in the stream! And....that's all,Stay tuned! >W<
27/08/2016 11:25

Fast stream!

Working on comms https://picarto.tv/live/channel.php?watch=OsmelXI {https://picarto.tv/live/channel.php?watch=OsmelXI}
19/08/2016 19:31


Weeellll well weeeelll...for some reasons (those reasons inclueds rotten tomatoes) I will get this week as holidays.All the comms are paused and i wont accept request,suggerences or new commisions until next week. I will spend this week in work for myself,I want do more Icarus stuff,and start my ...
09/08/2016 13:08