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Published: 14/05/2017 20:40

I wanna do pokemons!
I wanna do SEXY pokemons
so suggest a pokemon,a gender,and if you want,a pose,and let's see what I can do!

Kaiser · 14/05/2017 20:48

Gardevoir teasing during a public dance or something by lifting the 'skirt'?

lupeyroo · 14/05/2017 20:49 · 4 Replies

Id love a sexy Dom male Lycanroc midnight form or a Zoroark :3

Elmont · 14/05/2017 21:22

Finally somebody suggest a male! XD

Kaiser · 14/05/2017 21:41

In my defense, I never specified either. Though I guess in the games its always female but never stopped anyone before :D

Elmont · 14/05/2017 21:47

Oh no,male gardevoir exist.In fact,in original game you only can evolve into gardevoir,in the next one they introduced an evolve item to evolve male kirlia to gallade....but anyway,everybody gets it female to get a super pokemon waifu :D

Kaiser · 14/05/2017 21:53

True dat. Not a big fan of Gallade which makes me sad. Reminds me of a boring Scyther... So Pokewaifu it is! But it's fun sometimes when you find a trap version online. So many times I've stumbled upon it to where I don't even care. So I suggested it because pokemans, sexy and the vagueness of the offer left you to do what you wanted.

Tenshi · 15/05/2017 05:51 · 1 Reply

Thick Nidoqueen ♥

Kaiser · 15/05/2017 05:53


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