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news in my life -Stupid journal updated-

Published: 06/08/2017 22:18

Well,I think it's good idea talk about how my life will be since next month,and I think it's nice that my friends and follower know about that

Well,Rigthnow I am unemployed,I don't study and all my money comes from drawings and dad helps
But this can't be forever buddies,I need be a man and get a job and make my future,and that's start for the basic: Studies

In september I will start to study,to be exactly,a 2 years informatic thing.It's not a super study thing,but it will help me to get a job
I would love study arts! It will be so nice,but It's not possible.But that means I will need do my own way and figth harder than i fougth until now!

This means I will have less time for art,and I will be studiying....but most of you wont notice about this,for hour-difference,you know
Maybe that means I willdo more traditional art....or not
This is confusing,but the fact is THAT I AM HAPPY FOR THIS
I think this is the only time in my life that I am hyped for study,and for a good reason (other times was for....bad things...It was a BAD summer)

Aaaaaand...that's all.I think Im not going to do all that I had planned in summer.I wanted work more in patreon,work on my comics (dark soul thing and Ícaro),get BODE AND SEXYYYY...you know,those things...

and that's all I think QwQ Im not so good doing those kinds of things in english,but i think it's good for now
Any questions or things to discuss-comment? -3- Feel free to talk,im tense as fuck cuz 2ds dont workf

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