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raffle-contest thing!

Published: 26/11/2018 01:05

Okay,here is the deal:
Im working on laptop stickers.Last one had some traditional made ones of Whoopie,Lea,and stuff (have here a photo! https://drive.google.com/open?id=1sKQCkuoujfcvUvr9a8iMn9iXTMfLTEr5 ) and I want make it again! but this time i wanna do a raffle thing,so wnner will get a...well,a free drawing thing XD (and will be on the mato laptop!)
sooo,here is the rules:

1.-You need to comment,and be a watcher
2.-The comment must be a refference of the character you would like to get a drawing.please,only ONEEEEE character....but you can drop here a pun if you want :D
3.-There is something more? yeah,keep in mind i am so lazy ass to beign telling eeeeeeeeverybody who forgot something or who had a fail,soooo FOR GOD SAKE CHECK WHAT YOU DO HERE
4.-OH,Allllso winner will get his drawing done on next week stream uwu.You know,will be something simple (SO NOOO I CAN'T DO REAL NUDE NUDE PORN ART,think a bit you silly head)

so good luck buddies!

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