Elocin the Wolf is feeling Determined
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Elocin is quite a shy wolf. Usually spending her time alone and admiring nature in itself. Though, she has a darker side, or rather a split personality that is known to be very dangerous.

While in her more shy personality, Elocin has red hair, white fur with some red markings (The aries symbol on her bcak), a red tipped tail and ears, and beautiful blue eyes. But when she snaps, her white fur turns black and her blue eyes become a fiery red.

When she goes 'dark' she has enhanced combat boots and is a force to be reckoned with. Either personality, she wears a blue cut-off tank top, denim cut-off shorts, and a pair of black combat boots. She has several piercings in her ear and one on her lower lip.

No one knows what caused this strange split personality but no one questions it either, in fear of provoking the 'dark' Elocin.


1.53 Meters · 5 Feet, 0.23 Inches


45.36Kg · 7 Stone, 2 Pound

Eye Colors

Body Colors

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slim but fit

Extra Attributes

She has the Aries symbol on her back

Red swirls symmetrical to each other on her body

Light blue paw pads, nose and tongue

Short red hair

DJ_Zek · 27/11/2015 22:16

Hehe nice Character ^^;

Caring white wolf with a darker side~

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