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Story of Elrath Rhodes

A shadow runs fast between the trees as a voice rings out in the distance, hard to hear what it says but it sounds like it's calling out for someone. The shadow stops inside a clearing, the sun beating down from the sky and through the leaves onto the young boys amber hair, his somewhat pale skin and eyes of golden tint.
As he stop there to take a breath, looking up at the blue sunny sky, a smile running across his face. He was finally free, 10 years of solidarity within his home, not even seeing what lay inside the forest, his parents had warned him of dangerous beasts of the forest. He continued to wander through the forest he had come across a paved stone path that seemed to cut through the forest. His curiosity had gotten to the better of him as he steps out onto the pathway, his somewhat victory is short lived as a shadow loomed over him.
“Elrath Rhodes, you are in trouble mister” the sound of the female voice caused Elrath to yip in fright and face the shadow that loomed over him to be his mother. Elraths mother something of an angel, blond hair flowing down her back, sporting 6 light red tails with white tips, her ears the same colour. An expression of fright crosses his face, as his mother grips his ear and starts to drag him back down the path.
“Your father and I are not mad at you, well a little, but we were more worried for you, there are creatures out here that are unforgivable and not as merciful as us, it is your birthday today” They continue on down the path, coming to a crossroads. On look there are five paths in different directions, one leading down the path he just came from, the other 3 he not know of. He is dragged down the final and fifth path, his mother lets go of his ear and ushers him up the path that soon reveals to be the path home, as his towering home comes into view. Only stopping at the steps now as the door is swung open and there stands his father, similar looking to his mother but his red fur is darker, his hair a light brownish colour. His Father looks down at him, a sign of disappointment that quickly changes to a face of happiness as he opens his arms wide to get a hug as Elrath bounds up the stairs and into his father.
“Well Happy Birthday little one”
“Ddaadd I’m not little anymore”
“Hahaha compared to me you are still little but yes tall for your age, now inside and to the kitchen for you, ‘little one’ “ Elrath lets go of his dad and walks into the kitchen followed by both his parents. He sits down on one of the small cushions that surround the table in the center, looking up at both his parents notice that they have something behind their backs.
“Today Elrath we have something special for you, I will be giving you my old spell book and from your mother….” He pulls out an old A4 sized book, the cover was leather bound and on the front was the family emblem a blue rose and then looks over to his partner.
“And from me you receive one of my best friends from when I was a child” Elraths face lights up with joy, nearly snatching the book. His mother reveals a plushie, a fox plushie, something he didn’t expect, and his face turns to one of disappointment.
“What is wrong Elrath? It’s one of my own, his name is Sammy and has been my best friend when I was a kid, trust me he will fill you with happiness” Elrath reluctantly grabs the fox plushie from his mothers hands and holds it close to him. For a second he felt something enter his heart, it seems to feel him with joy and his disappointment disappears. His parents smile at each other as they see his mood changed, Elrath goes to sit down still holding both the book and plush. As his mother places a huge plate into the middle of the table causing his eyes to glisten and mouth watering at the sight of a huge roast chicken.
“Now this is only for your birthday and then it’s back to our routine ok?” his mother said sternly, Elrath just stares at the Chicken before him and nods slowly, as his dad sits opposite side of him.
“Well dig in Ki…..” In a flash he is upon the chicken and ripping into it, his parents smiling at the sight. Though the rest of the night turns into a black out for the young Elrath as he finished devouring the chicken. The next morning slowly rolls around, but it is quite hard to tell as a mysterious fog has rolled across the island. Elrath slowly waking up to the sight of this weird weather, he notices his parents never woke him up for his usual chores, he looks around, his new spell book on his small desk that sits in the corner and the plush just flopped on there. He can smell that breakfast was long cooked, he gets up and slips on his fur shoes and slowly creeps towards his door. It flings open and all can be seen on the other side if darkness, a rising growl grows from it as a humanoid shape grows from it, hard to see any distinctive features as it is a shadow in human shape. Elrath steps slowly back from this creature as it formed, it’s eyes a burning red and what seemed to be beard. The shadow finally seems to slowly reveal it’s true form as he stepped into the dim light.
“It will be easier to just end your life” the grizzly shadow said as it raised what looked to be a sword. It’s body fully in the light, the sight of what look like a pirate, it swings it sword down as it strikes Elrath. Waking up with a scream, sweat down his face as he looks around. Finally calming down after a few minutes agreeing it was a nightmare, he notices that he had been clutching the fox plush quite hard, as he loosens his grip and hugs it, for some reason it calms him quite a bit. The remainder of the morning was as usual, breakfast then his usual chores, tending to the garden. He went to join his father for his usual training and practice with the magic, trying his best to even get a spark of magic but as always it hopeless. The book itself blank, it held no spells or any writing at all. During practice he notices his fathers ear prick up as he hears the thunderous boom echo above the forest and something crashing not far.
“Wait here Elrath, do not come outside” As his father had gotten up and gone outside to the sight of the trees being knocked over. His mother turning into the training room, with a small satchel and hands it to Elrath.
“You need to listen to me carefully, I want you to go down the path as fast as you can, and take the left most path, follow it till you come to the pedestal, this is important, on the pedestal is our family emblem, put your hand upon it and recite the family motto and wait till we return” his mother says worriedly as she kisses his cheek and goes. Elrath quickly follows but his mother already gone as he reached the door, he walks to the pathway. He looks around and then ran down the path towards the split, not taking too long he then takes the left path and runs down that, hearing yells and cries of fighting and that thunderous boom off in the distance. After a while he finally arrives into a circular clearing, the ground covered in paved stones, the center of it stood a stone pedestal, with the family emblem etched into it. Above it an orb floated, the orb itself mesmerizing as a mix of dark colours swirl within it. It takes a while for Elrath to snap out of it and finally approaches the shrine, laying his hand upon his family symbol.
“The light of the rose” it takes a bit before a light slowly starts to glow from the pedestal and then it shoots up into the sky. Dying out shortly as a small bubble of light surrounds the stone paved area, the bubble creating a low light glows, he grabs the satchel and searches through it. He finds within the back his spell book, his plush Sammy, an assortment of crystals and food. He picks up the crystal and inspects the purple crystalline structure; it seems to glow with energy, tapping it but no reaction from it. He thinks for a little bit before he grabs his spell book from out of the satchel, as he opens it slowly. He is surprised at the sight of the glowing words, in the form of spells, he blinks a few times to make sure it isn’t just his imagination, it was still there, a smile spread across his face, he looks through the pages and keeps flicking and then stops on one that seems to grab his attention. He reads it in his head a few times, before reciting the words.
“Murus Ignis Vis” all of a sudden a wall of fire quickly emanates out from Elrath and hits the shield. The fire dissipating easily and the shield of light seems unaffected, as he comes to his senses after a while, still in a bit of a shock he was able to cast an actual spell. Someone starts to clap off to his side, and gasps at the sight of what looks like the pirate from his nightmare.
“What a wonderful show, little one, I am sure you could fetch a nice price, though sadly you nothing like your parents……..ooooohhhh I see you never really mastered any connection, it be a shame but I am sure we can help you” this mysterious mans voice sounding sinister, he smirks as he draws his sword, it hums with energy and just taps the barrier. The barrier starts to shatter, to the horror of Elrath he drops the book and crystal as he starts to move back and away, as the barrier fully shatter, the shards smash upon the ground and disappear, Elrath dashes a short distance before another man just grabs him by the collar of his shirt.
“Where are you going little one? The captain would like to see you” the random pirate says with mischievous smile.
“Yes, we have plans for you” as the big pirate steps forward, holding the orb, the sky turning blood red and it’s gloom reaches the land below. Elrath struggles to get free but is instead punched in the temple causing him to fall unconscious.
Hours later he awakens to the sound of dirt being shoveled, he starts to realize that his hands and arms are bound. He sees both of his parents bound and kneeling in front of what look like a hole in the ground.
“Mum, Dad!” Elrath exclaims, sitting himself up and trying to stand but is pulled back by someone. They both look worried towards him.
“Be brave little one, everything is going to be just fine, just remember we will always be with you” his dad said with a slight tremble in his voice
“Hahahahahaha sure they will be, but for now…”
“Do what you will, you will get yours pirate! May your mind be dammed”
“You have no power, so you might as well give up” As the Pirate raises his sword and swings cleanly cutting off their heads. Elrath wanted to scream but he just lost himself and his voice, something deep within him started to awaken, as he broke free of his bindings. His body began to change, he grew horns and wings of a daemon, a deafening roar comes from the scream that was lost before, nearly in an instant he grabs the pirate that held him down, plunging his hand into the chest and ripping out his heart and crushing it. A shot rings past and in an instant he turns to face the shooter, an evil smirk runs across his face as he charges him and his fingers turn to sharp talons as he runs through the shooters stomach and rips out his spine. As this daemon admires the little handiwork he hadn’t noticed that the Captain had withdrawn a collar of some sort and gotten up behind him, and clasping it upon him, the power he had for a moment now gone, as the horn and wings recede, falling to his knees as the magical power seems to drain from him and to the captain.
“Torch the house, cut their tails of and bury them, we got an even better prize, I wonder how much money you will go for” as he bent down and grabbed Elrath’s hair, forcing him to look into his eyes.
“You better fetch us a good price, or we will just have to throw you overboard like most of the trash, leave those dead fools alone, just get this one with the rest of them” as another set of pirates carry off the weakened child, to whatever dreadful awaited him beyond his own home.


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WELL FUCKING FINALLY DID FIRST CHAPTER! hahahaha ok i know it has been years but it took a while how to do the story a certain path, if those can figured out you can get a prize, maybe a spot in the next chapter (Which is in the works on paper)

Now I really want to know what you seriously think, do you love? like? hate? disgusted with it?? cause I think if I can get some honest opinions and criticism I can do so much better, and preferably faster. But thanks for giving it a read :)

All Characters belong to me! (For now)
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