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Chapter 2-
In the damp, dimly lit hold of the pirate ship “Red Dawn” , a small series of cages dot the edge of the hull, most are empty except a few. A few creatures the pirates had captured or kidnapped on raids, a young male Faun sat curled up at the back of his cage, another had a dire wolf, it’s fur covered in spots of blood which had dried up, but the main prize lay at the far end of the hold, a young teen, curled up in the middle of the cage, his back and right arm all covered in scars, from whippings and cuts he got from the crew.
It’s been nine long years since the pirates captured Elrath, during this time in which he learned fast was to obey every word of the Captain ‘Red Eye’. He would get Elrath to serve food or clean up a mess left behind by the crew and in all this would suffer abuse or worse punishment.
“I hope you learned your lesson little one? Or do we have to educate you once again?” As the captain knelt down and shoved a small bowl through the bars and the greyish, sloop within it, the stench was bad but the taste was so bland you wished it had a bad taste. Elrath shakes his head in response as he slowly sits up and starts to scoff the contents of the bowl down.
“Whoa slow down, we don’t want you sick for the sale either, we will be in port soon, and you better sell! Or I will let the boys have their fun and gut you for their lowered ‘wages’ “ Elrath looks up and nods slowly, only a sad expression on his face. Time passes when the ship slowly lurches to a stop and shouting across the upper floors and a few of the pirates come down, they start to shackle the faun and dire wolf and take them above, the the dire wolf strains against their tugging, it isn’t long till they come for Elrath and put him in shackles, dragging him up the levels till he was greeted with the bright sun and the noise of another busy dock. He is dragged to where a stage sits at the end of the pier, the other two already shackled into it, he is brought up the stairs and a huge crowd stood in front watching quite intently at the specimens shackled upon it.
“Welcome ladies and Gentleman, we have travelled the world in search of those precious artefacts and specimens that everyone likes, and especially wants for their own home collections, sadly we had sold a majority of our specimens but we do have very few left and I am sure many will be purchased today, shall we start with the most feral and vicious of beasts, The dire wolf……”
It took some time, a few words were said and a bullet or two to fight over both the dire wolf and the Faun. Lastly they come to the boy, or so it looked like.

“Here ladies and gentleman, is a fine but rare specimen, the Kitsune” A howling of laughter erupts, and many throw insults at him, calling him blind, stupid and pathetic, until someone steps forward.

“How much for him?” the deep voice asked as both Elrath and the Captain looked down to see a finely dressed Fire-wolf. The captain stutters a bit before responding.
“Ho-how much?” the Captain asked
“Yes how much for the boy, you claim to be a kitsune, I’d much admire to have one” The fire-wolf asked, the captain taking a while to think.
“1000 coin, if that is not too much to ask, he was quite hard to obtain”

“Not at all” as he produces a small cloth bag and jingles it so the sound of coins clinking produces a smile on the captains’ face.

“Then we have a deal” as he takes the bag and Elrath is unshackled and lead down to meet his new owner, stopping in front of him, he slowly looks up and whimpers at the size of this beast. The fire-wolf reaches out and ushers Elrath away from the stage and crowds, finally going to somewhere more quiet.
“Did you have anything on you before being taken?” The fire-wolf asked, and Elrath just nodded.

“It wouldn’t happen to have been a satchel with a book and a few other things? Like this?” In an instant as he pulls it from out from behind him, Elrath lunges for it but to be quickly grabbed from the back of the neck.
“Hold it up, you will get it back soon enough, you belong to me, so come on we have to get you to your new home, so into the cart and we should be on our way” As the fire-wolf leads him away more to a horse and cart waiting on the edge of town, as he picks up the young boy and puts him in the back, shackling him to the cart.
“Just a precaution is all, do not worry little one, ok?” as he makes sure it is on tightly on him and heads to the front of the cart and takes the reins, as they head off out of the city and into the country side.
It takes an hour before the cart turns and rides up towards what is a 3 storey house, light coming from most of the windows, the cart pulls up to the front doors, they open to reveal a deer standing in the door way with quite and unhappy look, as the fire-wolf gets off the cart and goes around to unshackle the boy as the deer comes across.
“Now what have you gotten this time?” She asks sternly, as she looks over the boy as he is pulled from the cart, he doesn’t look up at her, but instead looks to the ground, standing close beside him.
“Don’t be shy hehe, I think you are scaring him”

“I hope it was worth it”

“Yes it was worth it, a kitsune, I know he doesn’t look like it” as he looked up to see a doe standing, a wonderful coat of black fur with streaks of blue and purple fur.
“Well hurry up and get him inside he smells, dinner is cooked but I would rather he not smell like well…. garbage”
“Well then come on, we will need you to get all cleaned up” The fire-wolf ushers him inside with the doe behind them. As he enters the house he is welcomed to the sight of such an amazing house, a very Victorian style home, most of the walls were white, a small pillars sit aside the open doorways. A few paintings hang upon the walls.
“This way now” as he is ushered upstairs and down a long hall, and to the third door on the right, to a tiled room, a vanity on the far end of the room, to the left is bath/shower. It was a small room seemed to be a guest bathroom, the Fire-wolf turns on the shower.

“First you will have a shower and a bath, so get in and get cleaned or else I will” Elrath looks up to him and then looks to the door. He looks down to Rhodes and just smiles.

“You are afraid about stripping down?”

“Yes, I am” The wolf just laughs

“You will do it now or else I do it for you” Elrath blushes a little bit and looks around a little bit, before he turns around and starts to undress as the Wolf watches. At the sight of his scaring and burns on his back and arms and frowns a little bit.
“Go have your shower and once you are done, the room across will have clothing awaiting on your ‘Temporary’ bed, and towel is on the rack there” as the Wolf turns around and closes the door.
An hour later the bathroom door opens and the young kitsune walks out and across the hallway, to the door. Opening it to reveal a single bed in the corner, the bed sheets are white, a desk to the opposite side, a small window that looks out the back of the house, it’s very hard to see out in the dark, but he can make out what looks like a forest in the moonlight. Over time he finds the clothes folded onto the bed, they look like a decent size and he puts them on, there is a knock on his door and in walks the deer, she has a smile on her face.
“Well luckily they fit you, please come down stairs, we need to talk with you about something important” As she walks out but doesn’t close the door and Elrath follows behind closely and follows downstairs and into the room on the right, it’s quite a big living room, a few couches and a nice huge rug that covers most of the living room, a fire place on the far side of the room, and a few bookcases, filled to the brim. The wolf and the deer sit on the main couch.
“Come over here and stand in front of us” The Wolf orders as Elrath obeys and does so, having some trouble looking at him in a shy kind of way.
“Now I have acquired you….no freed you from such a tyrant, I dislike slavery, and now you have an option, you can choose to stay with us, or we can take you tomorrow to the next nearest town and you will have money, supplies and at least knowledge of the area” As the wolf says with a serious tone looking up at Rhodes.
“Yes, I choose to stay with you” As Elrath had said without hesitation, this comes at as a bit of a surprise.
“Now you will have to think about this, you will not be in the temporary room, you will be with us in our bedroom, on the floor, we will treat you as a…...Pet if you understand? We want you to think for a bit” the deer adds
“Yes we would treat you as such, with great care, respect and attention, but there will be other things we can discuss in time” Elrath looks up at them both only with a smile

“I still say yes to staying” As Elrath responds, they smile a little, as the wolf pulls out what looks like a collar.
“Step forward and kneel down by me, Kitsune” Elrath smiles as he obeys, slowly walking over and carefully kneeling down within arm’s reach of the wolf. He puts the collar slowly around Elraths neck, the red fur inside, soft on his skin, with a blue leather on the outside as the buckles lock it into place around his neck. Something sparks inside Elrath as he looks up and smiles brightly at them.
“Now then there is a smile that we hope to see more often, I am your Master Nanaki and this is your Mistress Lumilla, and we should like to know your name”

“Elrath, my parents called me Elrath”

“We shall only do that name on special occasion, we shall call you pet as normal, welcome to the family” and all of a sudden Rhodes just tackled the two of them into a hug.

~THE END, To be continued…..

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Well yea! Chapter 2, I know some have been waiting, so here you go!

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