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Chapter 4-

That night a lot had changed, after his special gift with his master and mistress had ended, he awoken the next morning. They were both still asleep, he snuck out of their cuddles, he was thirsty and especially hungry after that, as he moved to the water’s edge, it was quite cold as he slowly entered the small lake, he dives under the water and comes back up, as he runs his hands through his once dishevelled hair, he feels something soft, he runs the hand up the length, looking down into the water and seeing atop of his head were ears and he lets out a scream of joy and excitement, he then finally turns to see he has a foxes tail, he grabs it and pets his own tail, seeing that it is real. The petting causing his body to relax, as he slinks back into water, only his head above the water.

“Morning pet, how are you feeling after last night?” Nanaki asks, as he stretches from his sleep, and sits up, looking over Lumilla before looking over to his pet who hasn’t responded. He notices he is laying back in the water and gets up to go join him, as he moves closer he can see something weird, as he goes to over to him.

“Pet are you alright?” as he looks over the lazing kitsune, he suddenly snaps out of his daze, and as he stands up in the water, his master gasps.

“Yes I know! I have a tail and ears now! I am so happy!” He squeals in happiness before splashing into the water again on his back. The amount of noise seems wake up Lumilla from her sleep, as Nanaki and Elrath play around in the water, his new tail swishing through the water and splashing about.

“Oh I see someone was telling the truth, and someone looks a little cuter than before, with those ears and tails” Lumilla says as she slowly gets up and walks in the water to join them. Elrath blush as she hears her say that, immediately leaping out of the water and tackle hugging his mistress and plummeting her into the water.

“I did tell you” Nanaki said
“I know you did…..I’m sorry” Lumilla responded with a surprised look
“I did not mean that for you, I meant it for pet, every day you doubted yourself, now you see”
“Yes I see master, I am sorry for doubting myself”
“It’s alright pet, I am just glad you actually got them, surprising it was just after last night”
“Well….um” They both look at him
“Let’s just get cleaned and head home….” Elrath said with haste, as he lets go off his mistress and went to goes to clean himself. They both look at each other before looking at their pet.
“You never actually told us what your life was like before us, before them” Nanaki said with a concerned tone, but Rhodes ignores It as he continues to wash himself, before getting out and returning his robes around his waist.

“Pppeettt??” Lumilla said with quite a serious tone, glaring at him a little
“Ye-Yes mistress?”
“You better tell us….we have given you so much, all we ask is a little bit information about you”
“I….I would prefer when we get home, It’s a lot of information and it’s hard to remember….all I can see are the bad memories” He replied, sadness welling up in his throat
“It’s alright pet, you don’t need to know, we are just curious, we just like to get to know you better”
“I will soon, please trust me, I wish I could, but my time on that ship has made me forget so much”
They looked to him before giving themselves a wash as he packed up the remnants of the picnic. They left their little spot and went to return home, along the way it was mostly quiet, Elrath a look of despair and confusion across his face, Nanaki and Lumilla could see he was trying hard to remember his life before it was taken away from him so cruelly, they returned home just after midday, Elrath cleaned what he could before breaking down in tears, Nanaki came running in and hugging him tightly.

“Shush pet it’s alright, you’re ok, nobody is gonna hurt you or take you away” Nanaki rocks back and forth a little as Elrath starts to calm down slowly and looks up at him. Nanaki wipes away his tears with his thumb.
“I’m sorry master, I just…..I remembered something, I just…..”
“Sshhhuusshhhh, it’s alright”
“No it isn’t, I was so weak, so fragile….but now look, I…..I want to make him pay”
“That wouldn’t be a good Idea pet, now come on, I think you need some rest, you seem exhausted”
“No I got things to do….” As Elrath tries to wriggle free
“No you don’t, now lets’ get you to bed, you now get to sleep in the same room as us”
“no I wan…..Wait I do? But won’t that disturb you and Mistress?”
“Well maybe but it means you will be closer to us, last night was to see how committed you were”
“Well you know I always have been, with everything else”
“I Know you have pet” Nanaki says as he gives his cheek a lick, carrying him like a child, up the stairs and down the end of the hall to the master bedroom. Elrath had never been In here like at all, it was so spacious with a huge window on the back wall, looking out over the estate, what looked to be a double king sized bed sat in the middle of this room, along one wall was an array of bookshelves, filled to the brim with books, below the big window, laid a huge pillow the size of a single bed, with a blanket and other pillows, Nanaki walked over and placed him down on it.

“This is your new bed pet, So what do you think?” As Elrath adjusted to it, he gave a gleeful smile before wrapping his arms around his masters’ neck and kissing him on the lips. Elrath pulled away quickly, embarrassed and scared.
“I’m sorry master, I am sorry, I didn’t mean to do that, please don’t punish me” As the puppy dog eyes seem to work better with his new found ears and tail. Nanaki can’t help but just smile with a small blush.
“It’s alright pet, I actually liked it, now get some rest, we have a big day tomorrow” As Nanaki leans down and kisses his forehead before leaning up and leaving the room behind him, closing the door. Elrath took a while to adjust to his new bed, but his master was right, he was just exhausted and tired, he will be better once he has had some sleep, and once again he slowly dozes off with a smile across his face.

Many months have passed by so quickly for Elrath it has felt like a year already for him, after his new found tail and ears, he was able to unlock something deep within him. As his mother once said ‘We are all connected to the earth and through it our powers as well’ he never really understood it, well until now, every day from that day onwards he had practiced his magic outside but within the safety of view and reach of both his Master and Mistress, his book given to him from his parents helped explain the basics of his magic, and what level of power he could achieved, a few mishaps here and there but he still prevailed.

After so many adventures by himself and with his Master and Mistress, Elrath Rhodes had completely changed, his body and mind different from the boy we once knew. Dragon Wings protruded from his back, and instead of the single tail he now sported 5 tails, 4 of them fox tails and the last a dragon tail, on the back of his neck a worn out pentagram, his canine teeth are that of a vampiric nature. And in all this he now stood on the ship he once dreaded as a he grew up, and hoping with his new found powers to end, his body matted in blood but no his own but that of the crews who lay strewn across the deck, he gripped his sword tightly as he heard the heavy footsteps of familiar boots, the Captain, as he walked down from his cabin, a fierce look in his eyes, glaring down Elrath, as he reaches the deck he draws his sword and issues a challenge to the Kitsune. And with a heart full of rage, he charges forward, his first strike blocked and countered swiftly sending Elrath to take a few steps back and to try and quickly block the Captains attack, they were both evenly matched for a while, none could land a hit and both seemed to be able to block and counter each other, but Elrath grew impatient he got fiercer in his attacks as he wanted to get this over with but in his carelessness, he was countered and disarmed, before he could even react his right eye started to burn and go blind, the searing pain causing him to fall back and clutch his eye, the captain slowly stepped forward with a devilish smile across his face. As the Captain raises his sword and takes a swing, nothing left but a puff of black smoke, the captain looks stunned, looking around he can’t be seen he goes to clean up the mess.

Elrath appears back at his Masters house, collapsing to the floor in pain, still clutching his eye, Nanaki and Lumilla run to see what is going on and they see him in pain. The try to get a better look, seeing that his right eye had been sliced with something sharp and magical as the scaring seemed to burn with it, Lumilla tries her best to heal it, but only seems to be able to stop the burning and heal only to seal the wound, Elrath starts to take a few breaths.

“Who did this to you pet?” Nanaki asked, concerned and angry at the same time
“The Captain did….”
“What Captain?”
“THE Captain…. The one that destroyed my life, I thought I could, destroy him, seems I wasn’t strong enough”
“Pet you didn’t have to do that, you are strong in our eyes”
“It wasn’t for you, it was for me”
“We understand that…. Now rest ok?”
“Ok doggy…..” Giving a smile before passing out

Elrath awoke many hours later, in fresh clothes and could hear Nanaki and Lumilla downstairs, he slowly crept from his bed and down to hear a lot better, then it stopped.

“We know you are there, come here we need to talk” Nanaki says from the lounge room, Elrath comes down the stairs to join them.
“We have done some serious talking, you have grown up fast and you nearly died, we have sheltered you for too long….so, it really pains me to say this but, we will have to de-collar you”
“Wh-What why? Did I do something wrong? I am sorry if I have, I am really sorry and will try to make it up to you….” He is stopped as Nanaki raises his hand
“This is for your own good, you need to get out there, we are both sad to let you go, but our doors will always be open for you as well as a Bed ready, I know this is hard to swallow but, this is for your own good, so please, come here” As Nanaki opens his arms wide for a hug, Elrath goes for a hug as he starts to tear up the collar unbuckled slowly as it comes off his neck.
“We will always be here for you, we treat you like part of our family, and we thought you deserved better than us, your own chance at love and life”
“I had that with you both, I still love you, you have been the best part of my life, please, please reconsider this”
“We are sorry Elrath but we think this is best, from here on out though we will treat you as our son” There is no response from him just crying, never letting go. After about 10 minutes he finally lets’ go, Nanaki and Lumilla both wipe away his tears, he steps back away from them and bows.
“I will respect your request and your decision, just so you know it hurts quite a bit and I maybe a while before I even return here”
“We understand, it hurts us as well but if you love something dearly, you must let it go….” And with a snap of his fingers Elrath disappeared in a puff of smoke, free to roam the worlds, a satchel over his shoulder, that carried all the books he had on magic. He soon appeared within a town, he had no clue what or where it was, but it was a start, start to something changing……


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So here we have Chapter 4! a huge stepping stone, a huge change, wonder what chapter 5 will bring!

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