Ember the Dragon
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Commissions- YCH- Gifts/Trade- Winnings for shadowbluehusky@FA (0/4) (2/4) STARTED Trade with TheInsaneMadHouseXwX@DA NOT STARTED Color Hypnotic Poofer Custom Hoodie for Sky XLsize pullover black (artistic freedom) DONE Asylem re-design STARTED Hooka STARTED may not finish Personal- Nazia+Embe...
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If there are any questions you have for me personal or commission wise please post here! -Personal Questions are fine -Questions for my OCs are fine (please put @;Example)(ex. @;Ember ) I will try to answer all OC questions with a drawing -Commissions questions are fine -Comments will be cleaned...
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Lyrren Clock

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Bun Fluffpaws posted to Ember

25/01/2015 09:47

Heya, ive added bold,underline to links on user content, thanks for your feedback <3

Lyrren Clock posted to Ember

25/01/2015 07:18

-pelts your profile back with glitter-