Emeraldia the Cat is feeling Bouncy
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Hi, I'm Emeraldia also known as Carol!

I live in Illinois.

I like Cats, Cute Things, Kawaii, Anime, Drawing, and Many More.

Mostly i Use Krita.

I like the Amount of Goo Transformations!

So... I like SFW/Clean Things!


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Made for Kids Content to Not For Children Videos?

You put Made for Kids Content to Not For Children Videos? It's a Mistake. TIME TO REMOVE MADE FOR KIDS CONTENT ON NO KID FRIENDLY CONTENT AND PUT THE VIDEOS TO NOT FOR KIDS except YouTube for Kids!
1 day ago

Its New Years Eve at Las Vegas

New Year!
1 month ago


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Female · Pokemon · Libra
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Nicknames sylveon carol, sylvarol
3 weeks ago
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Female · Arctic fox · Pisces
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Species: Kit Fox
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*she shoves off of hazel3* I can't hear You!

Emeraldia posted

3 months ago

Sorry. We Apologize for Convenience!