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This piece has so many hidden things, that you only will discover them on the second glare ;) 

here I worked with the super talented   Keovi ♥ ♥
I did the sketch, she the outlines and we colored it then together in photoshop.
really I learned a lot from seeing how she works with color and light- just sooo great. ♥ Thank you so much for joining me on that project!

This is a cover for the   NordicFuzzCon conbook. 
The theme was skandinavian folklore so it was also a bit complex to transform the mystic creatures into animals.
On the conbook front (right side from the spring) 
The fox is a _FOSSEGRIMEN_ that is said to play a wonderfull music on the violin to lure wanderers into the water. You can see the violin on the night side laying on the floor and a fox statue in the night
On the conbook backside there is a _LYKTGUBBE _ represented by a tiger shimmering in golden fire. he is playing tricks and games dancing through the night. Also there is a tiger on the cover side as a statue.

If you look in the middle you see that the stones of the spring form anotehr statue- thats a rat called Mousie (yes) what is the NFC adorable mascott ♥

i really had fun making that concept. And NFC had a great printshop. It just looked amazing on the cover :D 
And I hope you all can enjoy the picture as much as I enjoyed working on it!
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Beastlee · 20/05/2016 09:58 · 2 Replies

What a gorgeous piece!

EosFoxx · 20/05/2016 11:12

thank you :)

Beastlee · 20/05/2016 19:11

No problem at all :D

Bun Fluffpaws · 20/05/2016 14:21 · 1 Reply

Love the way this looks ♥ 

EosFoxx · 20/05/2016 16:17

thanks a lot ♥

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