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Exil is a changeling, but he's very different from normal changelings. He can't change his physical form to copy that of another, nor can he fly, nor does he devour love for sustenance. Instead, he changes his own physical size to his whim, and he enjoys playing around with it quite a bit! He really likes eating vehicles of literally all sorts, as well as buildings, but those are just for fun to him. When he actually gets hungry, he usually isn't against eating a few ponies/other people. When he isn't hungry though, he enjoys walking around and crushing things. Exil doesn't have hooves though, rather he has somewhat of a mix between hooves and 3-toed feet, with soft soles and all that. 

Exil is generally friendly to those who approach him, however, as with most people, he doesn't particularly like when people mess with him and stuff. Fair warning~


15.25 Meters · 50 Feet, 0.39 Inches


4500Kg · 708 Stone, 8.79 Pound

Body Colors

Body Type




Extra Attributes

 Exil has a blue and purple mane/tail, his back plate is a maroon color, and he stomps around with 3 clawed toes on each foot

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 Exil is a size-changing Changeling who loves stomping around and crushing things beneath his feet, as well as eating stuff and destroying cities. He loves making new friends though, so feel free to approach him if you dare! :D

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