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Gauge is a wingless dragon, standing at 65' tall on all fours, feral, and 90' as an anthro. His luxuriously smooth brown scales glint in the right light, and he likes to wear pink socks/gloves on his forepaws/hands because they make him feel cute. He doesn't have wings, but it doesn't bother him at all since he prefers walking anyways - especially along highways ^^; 

He's generally a nice, friendly dragon, but he doesn't often watch his step, so he could walk right through a city and hardly even notice all the destruction. Around friends though, he's significantly more careful and mindful about his size. Although, he does make mistakes of course. That's what the crystal-choker around his neck is for. The crystals grant him regenerative abilities to anything/anyone he wants, so he can step on your car - or eat it if he wants - and in moments he can respawn it good-as-new, literally in brand-new condition! (He finds this helpful~) He can be mean though, but generally only if you're a dick, in which case he won't mind having himself an extra little snack or dinner. 

He likes to walk around and feel things crunching under his feet, but he mainly just crushes cars and buildings and stuff like that. He likes eating them too, and sometimes he won't mind playing with someone in the same manner, just as long as his crystals are still with him. Seeing as how they're sealed to his body by a magical bond, that's never a problem ;P 


19.8 Meters ยท 64 Feet, 11.52 Inches

Body Colors

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Gauge is a wingless, size-shifting dragon that loves being big! Though he enjoys destroying cities and devouring the citizens, Gauge really isn't such a bad dragon. With the collar around his neck, Gauge can easily fix literally anything - or anyone - he breaks, and very rarely will he leave even one city block in ruins.

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