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Hoofprint is generally not a very gentle stallion. If you can manage to become his friend though, he'll probably let you live to see another day! Hoofprint doesn't tend to make friends with the smaller folk very often though, since he usually just steps on things and eats people. A lot. He doesn't see anything wrong with it; ever since he got into living large he's always enjoyed the things he does. He makes friends with other Giants pretty well though, especially since he loves rampaging and destroying cities with friends!

Speaking of that, Hoofprint likes making cities look more like his hoofprints, and as mentioned before, eating people is a pleasure to him. Most of the time though he'll hold on to at least one person and force them to worship his powerful hooves before finishing them off. If that person pleases him enough though, he'll sometimes keep them as either a slave or possibly a friend for a while. He likes stomping and destroying stuff in his rampages, but every once in a while he has to take a break and relax. In those times he's slightly less likely to eat someone if they try to approach him, making it an opportune time to gain his acquaintance. Or become his chill snack.

If you can actually manage to make friends with him though he'll defend you from physical threats and/or injuries however he can, which usually implies trapping you in his mouth or shoving you into his penis or up his ass for a little while, or hiding you beneath his hooves. That last method usually turns his friends into bloodstains though, but he can't seem to figure that out. He will also want to play with you sometimes, which occasionally ends up with similar results.

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Hoofprint was born to Jack Hammer and Botany. His father, Botany, enjoyed caring for plants. Especially ones like the Venus Fly Trap. Hoofprint never really knew why, but he was always rather interested in them, even though they were just carnivorous plants. His father was always 'a bit of a wuss' though, as young Hoofprint would put it, so he never really liked him very much. Botany would drag him along to the greenhouse to have him help out with caring for the stupid plants. He spent most of the time around the ones that piqued his interest though, letting his father care for all the stupid flowers and stuff. There was just something about the carnivorous plants that he really liked, but he wasn't sure of what it was. Like seriously, who even thinks plants are cool? That's fuckin weird.

He loved his mother, Jack Hammer, dearly though. She worked in demolition, and she sometimes brought little Hoofprint along to see how things were done. Needless to say, his interest in destruction was sparked and kindled there.

One early-evening as Jack and Hoofprint were working, Jack left her son unattended for merely 15 minutes to fill out some paperwork in the head's office. Hoofprint was told to remain in the lobby, but boredom struck his young mind in a matter of seconds. He blatantly disobeyed and decided to wander around the grounds for a bit without his hardhat. Nothing ever really seemed to go wrong, so he saw the ugly piece of shit as…uh, well, just an ugly piece of shit. It didn't seem necessary to him, so he just tossed it into Jack's locker and wandered around for a while.

A bucket of cracked bricks and an unopened can of mortar fell from the crane above, striking the tip of his horn four different times. In defense, his magic responded immediately, instantly turning the 4' 9" colt into a 45' giant. Confused, scared, and in a massive amount of pain far greater than any he'd EVER experienced before, Hoofprint began to run, stomping and crushing everyone and everything in his wild path. By the time he'd calmed down, the whole place was nothing but bloody hoofprints and crushed debris. A few surviving ponies started to run, screaming for their lives as they made a break for it. Fearing they were going to report him for what he'd done, Hoofprint ran after them and captured them before eating all of the ponies one by one, effectively eliminating any witnesses of the freak-event.

He realized very soon afterwards that he'd actually quite enjoyed what he'd just done, so instead of returning to his mother and going back home, he ran away to live his new life. Ever since then, he's wandered around from place to place, taking pleasure in destroying city after city, devouring the populations as his tasty little meals. He's since learned to control his size to an extent. He can't seem to go under 85' now, but as far as he knows, there isn't an upper-limit to his size. He's still kind of experimenting.


Hoofprint is never smaller than 85' tall, unless acted upon by some other force of magic. (His horn will try to fight the external force though, so bringing him down-to-size will only last for up to half an hour at the most. Then he instantly returns to 85' unless acted on by an outside force again.)

His coat is a slightly dark shade of green, and since he never gets it cut, his fetlocks are rather shaggy. His yellow/blonde mane is self-braided in the back, and parted in the front, and his eyes match in color, as well as his hooves…when they aren't coated with blood and crushed bodies and cities that is. His tail is the same color as his mane, and it just sort of hangs as-is. His cutiemark depicts 4 red splat-looking shapes in a hoofprint, signifying his special talent of destruction.


25 Meters · 82 Feet, 0.25 Inches


18150Kg · 2858 Stone, 1.88 Pound

Eye Colors

Body Colors

Extra Attributes

 For the most part, Hoofprint's soles are usually mixed with shades of red, grey, and brown, unless they've been freshly cleaned.

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Hoofprint is exactly what Godzilla would be if he was a pony and could speak coherently. That's pretty much all there is...

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