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Hey there, I'm EppikPhayle! You can call me Eppik for short though. I'm a music lover, both listening and playing though I'm not very good ^^;. My favorite style is Trap, though anything with powerful bass will make me melt in my seat. That being said, I also do like a lot of metal and rock, classical, some rap, and being Texan, I have somewhat of a liking for country. I play guitar, though I think I'm really only good for rhythm parts :/ I also play trumpet too, just to throw that out there.

As far as fandom stuff goes, I like My Little Pony, Undertale, Spyro, Digimon, and a number of other things that I'm frankly too lazy to type out. I'm gay [[and TAKEN]], and I'm personally into Macro things and stuff of the like, so expect to see that kind of content if you open my gallery. You've been warned! Anyways, I also RP as well, so if you'd like, go check out my characters and hit me up and we can get something started! Otherwise, feel free to send me a message just to say hi if you'd like, I don't usually bite~ ;P


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Terra Stomp

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Terra Stomp is a giantess who loves making use of her size. For the most part, that means bad ne...
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