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This is also one for DJ-Xyclone over on DeviantART! :D

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Another shitty lil story ^^;

The air of the night was crisp, the breeze was gentle, and Triplet welcomed it as it played through his fur. Nights like this are the best, he believes at least. At 2am, one would think that most ponies would be asleep by now. Unless of course someone happens to be up for a midnight snack, such as Velocity. He presents a different connotation to that term, however.

Most <i class="bbcode bbcode_i">normal ponies would go to the fridge and pick out an apple, or some grapes. Or perhaps even that TV Dinner that has been in the freezer for a month. Velocity, however, enjoys going out to eat. Not five minutes ago did he just have his first small snack out of a young mare trotting the streets for a very similar reason as Triplet.

After walking for an hour and a half, one gets tired, correct? Triplet had been walking now for forty-five minutes, but his legs were stiff as logs. Time for a break, he decided, and took to an alley at the back of one of the town's simple homes. Little did he know that his doom had been following him for the past five minutes.

Taking a seat on the cold, hard ground of the alley, Triplet let out a long, rather tired sigh. Hoofsteps sounded from behind him, and he looked back to see a...rather strange looking stallion approaching him, with a disconcerting, almost menacing look in his eye. Before Triplet could say anything or even blink an eye, he found himself being scooped up like a simple foal and shoved into the stallion's serrated maw.

He released a blood-curdling scream of agony and fear, waking the owner of the home he had decided to rest behind. The worried Digs Dirt jumped right out of her bed and ran outside to see what the sound was, and her husband and teenage offspring were almost right behind her. She rounded the corner just in time to see the small blue stallion struggling to fight for his life as Velocity swallowed him down his gullet.

Triplet screamed as hard as he could until he had finally vanished down the stallion's throat, and he didn't kick for very long once he fell into his stomach. Digs could only stand there for a moment, mortified at what she'd just seen, before she finally sprinted back into her home and ushered her family back inside. The door was locked behind them and boarded up as heavily as possible, and the authorities were called. Velocity had already started trying to get away from the scene, but with the two digesting ponies in his belly, even just saying that could prove challenging.

Digs and her family didn't get any sleep that night.[/i]

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