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So, DJ-Xyclone over on DeviantART requested 3 slots in the Vore Request Journal, and two of these are what took so damned long to get them all done. I read the bios of his characters and he mentioned that if they got caught then their lives would be ruined, so I figured 'Hey, let's do that!'

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Mini shitty story X3:

Triplet broke his skateboard while riding out nearish the ocean - far enough away to keep away from kelpies of course - when his bearings gave out and locked his wheels. He took it to the surf shop literally the second before the lunch break and asked if there were any skateboard wheel bearings he could buy there. The stallion, in broken English, answered yes and started to bring Triplet to the counter.

The stallion's stomach growled and he grinned, telling Triplet to just go behind the counter and find what he needed, but as the short little stallion did so, Corgi grabbed him and pulled him over the counter and right into his mouth! Triplet started to scream in horror, but is was no use - his head had already started going down the bigger stallion's throat. His body was following. Corgi was too busy swallowing the smaller, tasty stallion to notice that the door to his shop had opened again.

There in the doorway stood a mortified Wave Rider, who had come in just in time to watch the whole incident. She was paralyzed with shock as she just watched the blue stallion fall into Corgi's stomach, still screaming and kicking - but not for very long. Before Corgi could notice her and do something, the door slammed shut and she sprinted the fuck away, screaming, <strong class="bbcode bbcode_b">"MONSTER!!! MONSTER!!!"[/b] all along the docks. Corgi - as quickly as he could - made his way to the door and locked it, drawing every one of the blinds to his windows, and blocked the door to buy himself some time to digest the small, tasty stallion delicacy, as well as to avoid getting caught.

It was too late for that, though~

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