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I'm probably going to do this one again at a later time; I don't particularly like how this came out. Still though, I do quite like it regardless!

As if it wasn't obvious yet, I love Rex feet, and an idea sparked in my head a short time ago to maybe try and put leather gloves/socks on Oliver's feet. Personally, I really love how they look, and Oliver does too! What do <i class="bbcode bbcode_i"><i class="bbcode bbcode_i">YOU [/i][/i]think of them~? ;3<i class="bbcode bbcode_i"><i class="bbcode bbcode_i">

I think I might try and draw this up again and upload it as like a free-to-use base kind of thing. I'll leave it all entirely blank; no colors, no fancy designs, no nothing. Whoever ends up using it can just add on whatever design/intricacy that comes to mind, like I tried to do with this one ^^;

<div class="bbcode bbcode_center"><strong class="bbcode bbcode_b">---EDIT---[/b]</div>

HERE is the link to the base created off of this if anyone's interested :3

Old art is fairly new, and I really do quite like this one!

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