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AskBassetJones drew this up a couple days after she presented this one to me, and I've only just now gotten around to uploading this ^^;

But yeah, this is the ref sheet for my mod-pony OC, Pop Shove-It. More often then not, he'll be wearing his little black beanie, though that's usually about it. His Cutie Mark is obviously an elongated skateboard designed for an equine body structure. Pop rides on red Spitfire 60mm's with Independent trucks, if anyone wants to bother going into those small details ^^;

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<div class="bbcode bbcode_center"><strong class="bbcode bbcode_b">Name:[/b] Pop Shove-It, Poppi, Shove
<strong class="bbcode bbcode_b">Age:[/b] 20
<strong class="bbcode bbcode_b">Height:[/b] 3' 9"
<strong class="bbcode bbcode_b">Weight:[/b] 106lbs

<strong class="bbcode bbcode_b">Personality:[/b] Pop Shove-It is generally a quiet pony, unless he's holding a guitar. For the most part though, he tends to keep quiet. Most of the time when he speaks, he feels it generally ends up being something stupid anyways. Of course though he'll usually talk to new people if approached in a docile manner.

Pop loves to skate; so much that he hardly ever actually walks around town. Most of the time, whether he's got someplace to be or he's just out for a ride, he'll be on his board. He's pretty decent as well! Though, he isn't even close to Ben Raybourn status ^^;</div>
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