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I made <s class="bbcode bbcode_s">another</s> new character! Originally I was thinking of re-drawing Triplet-Renamon, but I ended up with something else instead! Frankly, I really quite like him~

<div class="bbcode bbcode_center"><strong class="bbcode bbcode_b">Name:[/b] Keithan Trackson
<strong class="bbcode bbcode_b">Race:[/b] Renamon
<strong class="bbcode bbcode_b">Gender:[/b] Male
<strong class="bbcode bbcode_b">Sexuality:[/b] Gay
<strong class="bbcode bbcode_b">Age:[/b] 26
<strong class="bbcode bbcode_b">Height:[/b] 7' 9" (normal)
<strong class="bbcode bbcode_b">Weight:[/b] 350lbs

<strong class="bbcode bbcode_b">Personality:[/b]</div>

Keithan's appearance intimidates many as he always seems to have a cold glare in his normal expression, but he's really a nice, light-hearted guy once you get to know him. He likes to be approached, though he doesn't mind walking up to a stranger and saying hi. Though, despite his attempts, he still hasn't made many friends :/

Keithan enjoys reading, so it wouldn't be too hard to find him at a library, or even in a computer lab reading e-books. Another thing he enjoys is walking, whether it be on a beach or just around a city; he mainly just likes to feel the terrain beneath his feet, plus Keithan is rather proud of his feet, so he likes to walk around just to show them off. He never wears shoes, except for his faux-gold sandals. He doesn't mind wearing socks though ///w^\

He's also a music-lover, so if he happens to come across a street musician or a concert or show of just about any kind, he'll usually stop and take the time to listen. Often he'll even put a fairly nice heap of bits into the performer's/performers' collection before resuming on his way.

One of Keithan's absolute favorite things though, is rampaging! The feeling of cars, buildings, and even people crunching under his feet or sliding down his throat is like heaven to him! The gems in his gauntlets are loaded with a powerful type of magic, allowing Keithan the ability of size-play. Not only that though, once he's finished wreaking destruction, the gems in his gauntlets also allow him to undo everything, returning everything back to normal as if nothing had ever even happened! So far, he hasn't left a single spec of the damage he's caused go un-reversed.

<div class="bbcode bbcode_center"><strong class="bbcode bbcode_b">History:[/b]</div>

Keithan entered the human realm from the Digital World when he was only seven years old. He happened to come across a happy, lovely couple in the less-fortunate part of the city of Tambleton -where he ended up growing up in- and they took him in. They treated him as their own child since his 'mother' was infertile, and they even managed to get him into school despite how heavily it chewed into their already dwindling funds.

His 'father' worked as a mailman, and when Keithan lived with them, occasionally he got to go along and help with the deliveries, especially when there was a heavy package in the truck. His name was Andy Trackson, and he was the main source of income for the family. Though he made upwards of $20/hr, the bills chewed through most of what he had with little mercy, especially when the car started having issues and the house began to need foundation work. Still though, Andy managed to remain happy with his wife and their adopted Digimon son.

Andy was mugged with a 9 to his head and shot on his mail route late one chilly afternoon in broad daylight, and Keithan was absolutely devastated. The culprit was eventually detained two months later, just before Christmas, but the closure wasn't very satisfying. With time though, Keithan moved on, though he does still miss his 'father' sometimes.

His 'mother' was named Tracy Trackson, and she worked as a Manager for the WalMart in Tambleton, scraping a measly $12/hr. Luckily with her husband working too, they managed to make ends meet. She only worked part-time so she could be with Keithan, but when Andy was murdered, she had to work her ass off on a full-time -often over-time- schedule, and she even had to pick up a second part-time job just to make ends meet. Keithan didn't get to see her often at first, but he began visiting her at her jobs when he could, which helped him become more accepted in the poor city. Eventually he got himself a job and helped take a hefty load off of his 'mother's' shoulders.

Tracy ended up dying in a car accident. She's fallen asleep behind the wheel on the way home from work late one night and ran right off the edge of the road, flipping the little sedan multiple times before it rolled to a stop in the pond, quickly flooding the totalled car. She died before the car filled up, due to a skull fracture and four spinal fractures. He grieved his 'mother's' death and experienced a dangerously low-point of depression, but nearly all of Tambleton pitched in to help him get back to his feet with donations, kind words, and sincere sentiments.

With the donations, Keithan was able to pay off the house and fix most of its problems, including the very expensive foundation, and he even had a good bit left over to save towards his schooling...but he was unable to afford a car. Keithan ended up pretty much walking everywhere he went, and after a while, he came to enjoy it. Often he would find empty beer cans in his path, and every time he passed by one, he always aimed to step on it, inadvertently developing his lust to crush.

It was only two years later that he grew himself for the first time. He was only 14 years old and was practically in the middle of puberty when one summer night, he woke to find the gems in his gauntlets glowing brilliantly, lighting up his entire room! Driven by curiosity, he tentatively prodded one of the gems with a claw, but nothing really happened. It just sort of looked like one of those plasma ball lamp...thingies and made a pretty cool light-show. He shrugged it off and tried to go back to sleep, but just a few minutes later, he felt his head touching against the head of his bed...then his feet were pressing against the opposite end of his bed! He sat up quickly to see what was going on, and he ended up knocking his head against the ceiling fan. He was growing at an alarming rate!

He ended up destroying the entire house, as well as his next-door neighbors' houses before he got to his feet and fled the city in a panic...though he crushed several cars and destroyed multiple houses before he made it out of the city limits. He spent the rest of the night in a clearing, but he was promptly found the next morning when a group of his friends followed his trail of destruction. They managed to calm Keithan down, and out of sheer willpower, he managed mentally control the gems in his gauntlets to undo all the damage. Ever since then, the city of Tambleton has learned to generally disregard Keithan as he stomps through!

Now Keithan still lives in the same house he grew up in, working at the library near the center of town. He still walks everywhere he goes, though he generally keeps to the oncoming lane when Macro. Of course, he doesn't mind visiting other cities when he has some spare time, or going for a nice walk on the highway or out in the countryside, or perhaps to the beach~[/center]

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