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You wander about in a field far from home, having set out to explore the world around yourself out of curiosity. Shockingly, your quest happens to cross your path with a T-Rex, who seems to currently be laying near the edge of the dark, brooding Everfree Forest…with socks on his feet? He seems to be waving towards you, and as if that wasn't enough, the dinosaur adds an alluring wink with it and splays his toes, drawing your attention to his socked foot…

I dunno, I wanted to draw Ollie with socks for no real reason. Socks are just fun! And in a lot of cases, they can be kinda sexy too ^^; Anyways, obviously I couldn't have done this all on my own. Reference image used: this one! On the bright side, I may have taught myself a decent, efficient way of learning to draw Rex/Dragon/Lizard feet in general, so hopefully more of that will happen in the future~

I asked a few people what color Oliver's socks oughta be if he wore any, and green seemed to be the most popular answer, tied with black. I had a couple people say red, and one person also suggested orange. (Sorry y'all, green & black seemed to be the most popular ^^;) One person suggested striped green and black, and at that point, I was sold! So I guess for future reference, Oliver's socks are Green and Black striped if he ever wears any!

Old art is new, and I'm VERY happy with how this looks!

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