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It's been a long time coming! If you follow me on Twitter, you might have seen a few days ago I tweeted that I was going to change my commissions and their prices. 

I've been serially undercharging myself for many years, and still was using prices similar to those I had when I first started taking commissions. I've been told by so many people - both in and outside the art/commissions field - that my prices are way too low, so I've finally taken the hint and put them to a place where I feel they are appropriate for the amount of work and time I put into them. I spent a little while researching other artist's prices, seeing where they charged at, and feel like mine are now where I want them! If you do not like my prices, I am not sorry, and you can feel free to not comment about it!

A huge thank you and hug to those who've stuck with me over the years, and continue to do so ♥

Here's to a great 2019 and onward!~


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