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Edit: since the last time i've updated, i now have a drawing tablet (wacom, the starter one) and it works with my chromebook so my style changed like 6 months ago. I have a toyhouse, much more active there and also on scratch


I'm EtherealLunala.

Or Ethereal for short.

I have a lot of furry ocs like

oh m y    g oD?

I do my art on flockmod and my room is groupdrawing

im not on there always but we can meet up if ya message me

im bad at aRT *crI*

Also, have one dragon and few Neko ocs

y a y

I like wolves a lot.

And animals like wolves *Coyotes, cats/dogs/moresocatseventhotherelessrelated, jackals, other stuff*

so yeah

IDK what to put herE

I like Oneshot, Undertale, Sorta kinda BATIM, not really FNaF and NITW.

My favorite Undertale AU is Underlust

dont question me-

now has a sorta fan crush on danny from gg


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EtherealLunala posted

08/03/2018 08:59

ok so basically i never use this so

I'm more active on (deviantart) (p much replaced furrific for me)

so yeah

i'm into ndrv3 a LOT now and

kokichi ouma is one spicy meatball

so yeah

bye forever mostly sort of

(Just search EtherealLunala on google to get my other accounts)

EtherealLunala posted

11/07/2017 11:58

squawk squawk ima rock