Neonious the Skunk-dragon is feeling Cheerful
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 Hello there! Name's Neonious. I'm new here, nice to Meet ya!

I'm A Skunk-Dragon of Neon colors. I like to draw, play games and Eat sweets. LOTS of sweets.

I love making new friends, but I'm a bit shy at it. I get nervious  thinking others won't like me ^^'.. I'm a bit random.

Do NOT be scared to say hello! I Don't bite c8. I hope we can all get to be good friends! ^^


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I'm new here! Nice to meet you all. I DO hope to have a Grand time here Indeed ^^
11/09/2015 19:35


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Roo posted to Neonious

11/09/2015 22:15

thanks for the sub!

Neonious ยท 12/09/2015 01:51

Welcome ^^

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