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Howgurai was born in a small forest area together with his siblings. While he was very young, a fire eradicated his homeland with him being the only survivor of the family. While he will often insist that his family did not mean anything to him, he did love them deeply, and it's most likely the only time in his life he showed any interest in realationships.

Fleeing from the fire brought him to a swampy forest where he made his new home. Here he starded studying the world around him and enjoys the solitude.

Favourite Food

Extra Details

Howgurai is a psycopath, meaning he is unable to show any empathy or sympathy with others. He is very curious in nature and loves to study the world around him.

He finds the concept of love and relationships utterly boring, and unless people want to discuss scientific matters he is very unlikely to enjoy talking with anyone.

Eye Colors

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Lightly build; Not much muscle but still strong

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