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in need of some help.

consider Comissions opened early. I’m in need of some help. I was cleaning my house yesterday and my glasses fell off my head and hit at such an angle that the lens got cracked right down the middle. I can still see through them but it’s a bit disorienting like this. I’ve got about 12$ to my nam...
6 months ago

BIG announcement, twitchy hands got me fucked up AGAIN!

So... I was going to change my email to another one, and when I did so I misspelled a letter because I was in a hurry... and afterwards for whatever reason I wasn't able to change it back. So my account is kind of in this weird limbo. I tried troubleshooting it for a couple of days, and after hag...
6 months ago


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Joe Ronald Martin Nat-Khan English

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Inqu posted to FalcoSFM

15/05/2018 21:07

Thank you very much for subbing~

FalcoSFM · 16/05/2018 00:55