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Hi my name is Jacob. I am beginner drawer but I don't have much time at all because I am going to school almost everyday so...

I am friendly but you should write first to me cuz I'm little shy. I am furry at latest 2y thats not much time but comunity is Very very friendly and I love IT. Oh I forgot I 've almost 17y old so I'm not little boy ;).

Name: Jacob

Age: 18

Gender: male

Sex: Bi

From: Poland

Steam profile: Falezor(I get vac banned because of my friend when I'm sheare him my games and he play on cheats in cs)/FalezorS 2nd account


Fb:ask :>

furaffinity: falezor

If you wanna know more just ask I won't bite you [probably ;) ]

I really wanna try some day an graphic tablet.


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Thanks for subscribing! Welcome to furiffic!

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