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Before pride month is over, I wanted to upload this icon I made.

My Sona is a all-around Demi person I guess you could say aha

Demi-Sexual & Demi-Romantic are both similar

Basically, Demi people do not experience attraction unless they form a close bond with someone. Demi-Sexual is for Sexual Attraction. Demi-Romantic for well, Romantic Attraction.

This does not mean Demi people with go around and have flings with their friends or something cause their close, it just means that no attraction will form unless there's a good close bond. That's all. Also, a lot of people tend to add on to it like "DemiBi" or "DemiPan" which I am seeing as Demi first, but also Bi, Pan, Gay, so on, and so forth. The only time I don't see Demi used is with Asexuals because that tends to defeat the purpose. Demi means sexual attraction can occur, while Asexuality tends to mean no sexual attraction will occur. Also, Demi people are NOT picky. It's not a pick and choose kind of thing. It's just a "no attraction will form till we are close and have a good bond" kinda stuff. So don't be forceful or say Demi is just picky people.

Also, I only say Demi for me and my sona because gender does not matter to us in terms of attraction at all, hence not DemiPan or anything like that. 

Thank you.

Demi-Fluid is a bit different though. Demi-fluid refers to gender and is a recently learned term to me. I used to say Genderfluid, because that felt the most accurate, even tho I primarily identify as a Female. For I was born a woman, but have had gender dysphoria in the past and have questioned myself many times, even now I still do here and there. So I have always gone with gender-fluid for this reason. But my understanding of Demi-Fluid has made me change that. Demi fluid is like genderfluid as I can change as I feel I am, but with having 1 gender remain "Static" or it is your primary gender you identify as. Both me and my Sona primarily identify as Female, but that can change so we are still genderfluid, i still will use the genderfluid flag from time to time, or if someone wont accept demi-fluid for a ych thing or somthing like that. Aha.

Thank you.

We prefer the pronouns She/They. Thanks.

Happy Pride!

Sora no Tamashii · 9 months ago

Interesting variations of the demi flag. Stay proud!

Gaden_Protogen · 9 months ago


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