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Uploaded 07/02/2016 01:47

Alright, recent Sergal Babe I adopted over on DA because I needed him in my life and he went perfect with an idea I recently had but lacked in constructing a character design or palette that wasn't cliché for this upcoming month. So now I have some good ol' Transistor to fill my needs for that as well as my need for a male 'switch' character since normally I'm only really in preference for mostly submissive males save for the strictly dominant males with women. So, Transistor is a play for me with being a switch who enjoys dominating or being submissive depending on the job requirement o situation. Due to this, I plan on never having him with a permanent mate because that defeats his purpose of being an OC that can be used for random fun-time with anyone. (So yeah--he's not available for commitment, sorry.)

Other than that, I'm completely in love with this fluffy Sergal cyborg-looking dork and plan on seeing what naughty pics I can get him in. ♥

Circuit Transistor ©  FallingShootingStars
Original Design © eyelinerteaser6x aka Lilsok6 @ DA
Original Base © re-re 
Modified Base © halfelfaedyn
Sergal Species © mick39

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