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Originally was waiting on another design to create this character but I saw this one and had to have it. XD (Though, may still use the other one if I get it--depending on whether or not the seller gets back to me or not.) Anyway, design change but overall initially same character--just he now has a design that I own.

Besides, Circuit Transistor needed another Sergal buddy to run around with and what now--so now he has one. (As you can all see, I'm kinda become a Sergal addict now--given my two, possible three, babes.)

Tetris Output © FallingShootingStars

Original Design © MintyAmbitions @ FA

Roman · 04/03/2016 07:07 · 1 Reply

*eyes Tetris before shoving Veton at* Go get 'im!!! *ignores pissy dragon detective grumbling* 

Project Parallax · 04/03/2016 11:39

Aww, you can't be grumpy with him! Look he's a marked sergal puppy...Okay, that was Military and is a MMA Champion but he's a puppy! *ignores Tetris amused brow quirk and smile*

Roman · 04/03/2016 20:40 · 1 Reply

Gonna be some seriously crazy marked kids if they have any. 

Project Parallax · 04/03/2016 21:28

Oh for sure! His original design would have been a lot simpler in terms of genetics passing his kids but given the person STILL has not gotten back to me... Well, couldn't wait that long to get something down for Tetris. (Besides, I kinda like this new aspect of him with the AWD markings instead.) So yeah, means more complex and crazy marked kids. (Hell, I still need to design the son or daughter he has now--though got to flip a coin on the gender of his kid as well as the baby Circuit has.)

Roman · 04/03/2016 23:32

I just wish I could find a nice base for Veton, or find someone doing ref commissions for a decent price. 

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