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Uploaded 05/03/2016 17:42

Mainly because I haven't posted anything for a while even if I have two things I SHOULD have posted in February but a busted knee and school have no helped in my desire to do so. Anyway, current character trip for this month apparently--lovely girl I adopted from GlitchedPanda@DA. Currently doing an RP with her with my 'sister', Roman  , which we have plotted out for much mayhem and such. XD

So for this month, plan on seeing more 'adult' work of her here. ;)

Parisa © FallingShootingStars
Original Design © GlitchedPanda@DA
Base © Piixel-Dreams@DA

Roman · 05/03/2016 22:20 · 1 Reply

Gonna have to do a new ref of Nest. XD 

Project Parallax · 05/03/2016 22:26

All the new Ref! (Which won't necessarily be a bad thing, I suppose.) XD

Roman · 06/03/2016 07:52 · 1 Reply

Not in the least. But still an ass pain. I'm just so glad that when Nest grows up, his spotting fades out for the most part save for where he's got heavy concentrations of color. 

Project Parallax · 06/03/2016 16:38

Oh for sure! Makes it a Hell of a lot easier to do pictures of him without having to die in placing his spotting in its vivid zones repeatedly. 

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